Immigration – Term Paper

Essay on immigration

As a matter of fact, the immigration policies that have been existence and applicable in the U.S have experienced a wide range of changes. For instance, considering Immigration and Nationality Act, there were strict national quotas that were established to ensure proper control of people (immigrants in this case), from the southern and eastern countries. The Congress of the Unites States widely believed that the USA was at a risk of being controlled or rather overturned by the Italians and Jews if the limit if the immigrants are not proposed. 

Immigration has resulted in naturalized citizens, legal immigrants, and at the same time unauthorized immigrants. Immigrants and Nationality Act is considered to have brought radical changes in the aspect of a number and the origin of the people moving from the other countries to the U.S. also, the limit that was in the process of formation was ended after a seasonal bracero program was enacted. This program gave rise to the equal access to everyone who needs to settle in the U.S, even on a permanent immigration policy.

Personally, I have seen my uncle accessing and being given a standing citizenship to the U.S from Mexico. He filled the Immigration form and given that there was no strict regulation to bar the immigrants from accessing the U.S citizenship, he got it and currently settled here. Now, about INA act, I think that the number of immigrants is increasingly worrying and there should be an open, legal framework that should guide the process of admitting immigrants. To make the matter worse, the system is unfortunate enough to the extent of a high number of illegal immigrants. Thus, my point is that there should be the reliable framework to ensure fair and open admission of immigrants to the U.S. 

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