Industrial Internet of Things – Term Paper

Use of the Internet of Things in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate in the recent times. The world has experienced technological development and innovation that has significantly contributed to improved manufacturing processes. Most industrial and manufacturing companies have therefore embraced these technological advancements so as to realize reliability in their operations. Though precarious, this revolution tends to bring more good than bad for manufacturing firms as it will help the companies to improve their activities by primarily cutting down on costs and improving the safety in the firms working environment. Use of the internet of things is one of the technological advancements in the recent times that impact on a company’s reliability.

The manufacturing industry has of late experienced increased use of the web in its manufacturing and production processes. This can be evidenced by the idea of a connected factory where the network has been used to link most if not all of the manufacturing processes. I.e. Machines, computers, sensors and operational personnel are connected through the internet thereby providing new and better levels of monitoring and analyzing the industrial processes. This brings about an increase in the overall effectiveness of equipment.  

Internet of Things Industrial Automation

The internet of things is expected to undergo additional advancement to such a point where industrial manufacturing is projected to further its operations beyond the current real time monitoring to information platforms that have been connected to the web. This will bring about data leverage and deliver better analytics which will inter result to production of better quality products that are more durable and reliable.

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The Internet of things will effectively bring about reliability by developing minimum safe levels of maintenance, establishing capital maintenance plans and changing the operating strategies and procedures. These developments will result in cost effectiveness in the whole production process of a plant by increasing machine uptime within the industry.