Inspirational ways to write more – Term Paper

In composing a powerful piece of writing, I need sustenance. I look at other writers in the field as well as any number of articles, essays, and books that are related to the topic. In the field of technical or critical writing, I think it is fascinating to find the people who make the furthest claims possible and see them tease out the connections through stacks of comparisons and evaluations. This helps me realize the connection in front of me is not completely impossible and instead, it allows me to string out evidence that would not have otherwise supported my claim, because it is supportive elsewhere. In these cases, I find myself changing the argument and changing the direction of the paper to realign this new-found perspective because it is a more enlightened one than with which I began writing. This is the most inspirational process. It becomes learning while exploring. Teasing out the many directions that a topic can go shows me how interconnected one topic is to the other and that with the right help and the right resources this type of process can be very motivating and forward-thinking. Inspiration comes from learning how something is connected to everything else, because in today`s fast moving society it is important to me to see how one idea is or is not connected to the other.

Few things make me want to write more than knowing that something is being learned while an argument is being created. It is this inspiration that keeps me writing in any topic, whether it is the pros and cons of nanotechnology in medical practice or a literary perspective on the Spanish Civil War, the range of topics can be endless if I have a passion to learn about why it is important.Sometimes inspiration can come from outside of class. The desire to learn is powerful and can come from anywhere. For me, trying to constitute what modern society is in any field can be a powerful argument. Placing my subject on a timescale helps me think about how important something is and to whom. This may seem like a tedious process but remaining topical and forward-looking is another place that I find inspiration. Recently, I have challenged myself by looking at the philosophical impact of science fiction on its readers. How we are meant to relate to a character who is faced with an ethical dilemma involving artificial intelligence no longer seems very far off, but before artificial intelligence was a real thing science fiction writers were already posing these types of questions. Today, it is looking more important than ever.

What the future may bring is a fascinating concept, and I think that only by looking at how much we have advanced as a society to this point says a lot of what we could become in the future. I like to find contemporary, working arguments and expand possible approaches because it allows me to put on a perspective lens when viewing any great, interconnected topic. These types of arguments show how different some things are from anything that came before it. I like to think that anything that happens as of today is dynamic and new, except that we are constantly faced with classic philosophical dilemmas on welfare and advanced technology. For me, considering the human consequences of today and yesterday inspire me to look at the connections that make the tangible elements of society so importanttomorrow, it can give life nuanced meaning.

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