Intellectual and interpersonal wellness – Term Paper

I love automotive technology because  the career  offers me an opportunity to service and maintain both light and heavy vehicles fist hand. Currently, I study automotive technology at High School level. Thus, I have learnt  how to quickly  analyse various kinds of vehicles for inaccuracies. I have also  been able to learn how to service vehicles to determine their fitness levels. Upon graduating, my primary goal will be to set up my own business. In so doing, I believe that I will be able to  provide excellent and professional services to clients with various types of vehicle needs. Also, setting up a business will enable me to create employment opportunities amongst the youth in my local community. As a result, I will thus be able to positively give back to my community. 

I believe that social networking is  vital for a successful career in automotive technology. This is because social networking enables one to keep pace with trends in the automobile industry. Moreover, it increases one’s chances of interacting with experts in the field of automotive technology. Upon setting up my business,  I aspire to work in partnership with the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA). NADA is a world famous association of professionals in the field of automotive technology (NADA 1). In the past year, I have been following NADA carefully through Facebook and Twitter. As a result, I got to learn that NADA is always updated with industry trends. NADA’s Facebook page and Twitter handle has valuable information on automotive technology. These materials have proved helpful to me. I am able to comprehend current industry needs thus adapt in order to provide meaningful solutions to ease problems.


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