Interview questions sample – Term Paper

Interview with Saudi Professor who studies English and for Master Degree in US

1.What is your name?

My name is Professor Ephraim 

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2.What are you studying here in US?

I am studying a master degree in English here in US,

3.How long will you be schooling in US?

My course takes only one year, by the end of this year I shall have finished my studies.

4.Are you a native of US?

Not really, my country of origin is Saudi Arabia. I only came to US to study English.

5.You said you are a professor, what is your area of specialization?

I specialize in political science and I hold honorary degree in the same discipline.

6.Why would a whole professor like you study English?

Like I said before, I studied political science and my field of study demands that I should understand politics both within my country and politics in other countries. Since English is a national language in most nations, I had no option but to learn this language otherwise referred to as the Queens language. 

7.Your progress?

8.I think I have been picking up so well, my English knowledge has been increasing daily. 

9.Why did you decide study in America?

I love the fact that US as a country is multiethnic, that is, has people from all cultures and walks of life. I therefore believed it would be easier to handle culture shock while in this country unlike other countries made majorly of one ethnic group. 

10.Did you experience culture shock during your first days in this country?

I cannot really remember well but I think I got acquainted with this country so first. 

11.What do you like about US?

I like the busy the nature of the citizens in this country.

12.Have you ever thought of working in US?

Yes, working in US has been my dream and I hope by studying English I will gain enough speaking skills to be able to work here.

13.Tells us about your professional experience.

I have worked as professor of political science for five years and for the entire time it has been the most beautiful experience as I believe I am living my dreams.  

14.What are your strengths as a professor?

My strength lies in my ability to make my students and audience share in my thoughts and beliefs.

15.What do you consider as your weaknesses

My greatest weakness is just that I do not know English language well.

16.What are your goals as a student in US

My main goal currently is develop a good mastery of English language

17.What do wish to become after finishing your study in US

After finishing my Master degree in English, I would wish to lecture political science in any part of the world. 

18.Are you an organized person?

Yes, I am a well-organized young man with clear records of studies. 

19.How well do you manage your time?

I always wake up every day at 4:00 am and put in writing all that I intend to do and the time frame for achieving. I never falter in my plans

20.Who is sponsoring your education here in US?

I am sponsoring my study fully, however, I have been looking for funding from my home country.

21.Have you met any person from your country during your stay herein US?

Yes, I have met people from Saudi Arabia. In my class for example, three of the members come from my country.

22.Are you married man?

Truth be told I am single but hoping to get a lady soon.

23.How old are you?

I am currently 29, I would be turning 30 in six months’ time. I believe I would have found a fiancée by then. 

24.Do you ever miss home? 

Yes, I miss Saudi Arabia, but, I love it here as well

25.What do expect to achieve? 

I expect to graduate with a distinction when I finish my studies.