Knowledge Management in Organizations – Term Paper

Framework and Tools

CEN Framework: the platform allows sharing of knowledge in an organized manner without system overload.

Intranet: refers to connection that is carried out on a small scale with the aim of creating an internal network and sharing information.

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Extranet: is a form of intranet but tends to include other external stakeholders and partners.

KM tools in Resolving Issues

Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and KM2.0

Used to create social avenues for sharing information. 


Enables the organization to create a pool of staff who serve as consultants in regard to knowledge management.


The approach serves to link staff with knowledgeable experts from who they can tap the required knowledge. 

Risk and Impact Analysis

The KM 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and KM 2.0 systems affect the time people comment and contact each other within the available platforms. 

Reliance on people,  also leads to delays in the delivery of information to the target audience. 

Technical tools are do not function independently as they rely on external factors to function. 

To reduce the negative impacts of the external factors require managerial for auditing purposes. 

Introduction of technology in an organization also leads to disruption in the operations. 

The utilization of knowledge management within an organization requires the adoption of appropriate culture in order to be successful. 

Personal Reflection 

Through researching on this project I have learned that knowledge management is a critical aspect in an organization.

Knowledge management involves the technological and non-technological part.

The possible tools that can be employed to supplement knowledge management within an enterprise are critical but have certain challenges. 

For a company to run efficiently there needs to be a strategic implementation of knowledge management tools, where each tool should be implemented depending on the needs and the financial situation of the organization. 

Discussion and Further Development 

The top management should invest in a specific process of knowledge management. 

The management should offer direction for the future fashion research in the management of knowledge by identification of studies, implications, and suggestions.