Legalizing Abortion – Term Paper

In the contemporary world, abortion has become a very sensitive issue. People from all sorts of life are constantly debating about the legalization of abortion. To some people, abortion is murder and should not be allowed while others have the view that it needs to be permitted in the case of unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy may not have been planned and the mother might not be ready to have a child, or the pregnancy may be as a result of rape and to the mother, such a pregnancy may be detrimental to her psychological wellbeing. The essay will, therefore, illustrate different viewpoints regarding the legalization of abortion.

Most people depict abortion as murder (Fisher). According to Bailey, life starts at the exact instance of conception. The human life unfolds like a flower inside the womb and progressively grows from that exact point of conception. Some scholar argues that life starts after the first trimester, and therefore getting rid of the pregnancy at this time is not murder. Such an argument is not true because at this point, the embryo is breathing and from common knowledge, anything breathing has a life. Abortion terminates the life of the unborn child, and it denies it its right to live and experience the world.

To God, abortion is a sin and should not be practiced in whatever instance. From His ten commandments, it is inscribed that “thou shall not commit murder,” which postulates that the terminating of pregnancy is against the will of God and is against His commands. Anyone who performs an abortion is, therefore, evil and is punishable under Gods will. Human life is a precious gift from God whether big or small and therefore great care ought to be provided for its safeguard.

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There is some instance in which abortion is considered morally right. Abortion can be considered in times when the life of the mother is at stake. The life of the mother is paramount more than that of the unborn child at this stage (Fisher). The mother can still conceive and give birth to another child and also have a chance to take care of other Kids if present. Even though some argue that all the lives on earth are equal before the eyes of God and the life of the mother and that of the baby needs to take their course, it is paramount to consider the benefits of having any of these lives, either that of the mother or that of the unborn child. The advantages of having the mother outweigh the advantages of having the unborn child and therefore it are considered a priority (Bailey).

Even though many arguments exist for and against abortion, a decisive answer has never been reached as people uphold different viewpoints regarding abortion. God gives life, and no one has a right to take it, and therefore, abortion should not be accepted. Abortion denies an individual a chance to enjoy life to maturity. The wrongs done by the parents leading to conception should not be put upon the unborn child.

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