Literature review on information technology in business – Term Paper

2.5 Business Improvements

Findings have also indicated that DNI has been responsible for improving the sharing process by ensuring that the procedures of data management are adequately effectuated. The extensive opportunities integrate the right business cultures, data types, workforces and security practices. The vast experiences are responsible in postulating the proper consideration of the right challenges in reaching IC ITE objectives. For instance, the DNI mandates a Task Force that helps in exploring how whether the IC is meeting the appropriate quality threshold. IC ITE creates a strategic need to the development of IT enterprise which involves the creation of the right platform that enables consultation of the right service providers[18]. The goal is to provide the right desktop environment for the application of a stable management capability, authentication, authorization and stability[19]. Clearly, the DNI initiates sharing and integration intelligence by using IC ITE as his primary tool of understanding how information systems operate.

2.5.2 Improved Career Management

Report by National Defense University Press (2015) shows that training and career management creates a shared understanding of IC ITE. Given all employees of the IC ITE should be certified and the licensed according to the trading terms, it is evident sharing motivates departments to contact and relate to each other. Communication, in this case, becomes important aspects of the doing business while most business officials utilize communication as the underlying issues that motivates the right collaboration and holistic product development[20].

Besides, IC ITE influences business because it helps in generating the right professional trust and skills for doing business. The investments, education, training and professional development reflects on the excellent analytical skills that motivate the adoption of the right knowledge and the performance for critical skills development. There is a need to develop the right and continuous recreation, a vital in the way in improving and adhering to various defense intelligence mechanism[21].  Shared skills ensure that their applicant has prior information of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise skills. Such skills help viral for all levels of graduates who are involved in refreshing and the recreating the right organizational skills.

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2.5.2 Transparent Technology

IC ITE seeks to provide technology solutions that provide the real transparency. Transparency is provided through maximized efforts for business analyst while recreating the right initiatives and the tools for the firm. In this case, the business intelligence relates to the increased discoverability based on the likelihood of duplicative production while recreating the right expectations for business intelligence.

Iannotta [22] claims the DNI understand the surrounding options that are related to the growth and the progress of military intelligence. In particular, the DNI manages government engineered systems that are committed to the sharing process. The plan further includes determining the intelligence resources are part of the cloud computing which help in managing the budget for community information enterprise through creating and appropriate and spending and savings.

IC ITE enables users to view trending subjects concerning enterprise architecture while ensuring that it is possible to recombine the right technology tracks for the business intelligence[23]. The ability to explore whether the infrastructure is collaborative questions that answer enterprise issues that are related to the firm. In this case, the DNI tools will request the appliance of the precise intelligence tools that improve the sharing process based on the particular marketing environment. Yang explores the major roadblocks in determining and implementing for the holding up with the case departments[24]. Yang further argues that the information security process present various technological security procedures which were involved in establishing a security strategy upon knowing the extent of the technological, managerial, physical, and the security measures[25]. The manpower associated with this conditions surround more intense environment systems that relates to the diverse manpower. It is clear that the DNI operates properly if he understands the kind of infrastructure that he is assigned. This way, it is easier to achieve various operation goals.

Prior to the 11th, November 2011, Benghazi attack, proceeding of the AFCEA’S Fall Intelligence Symposium focused on the quality of resources that would lead to the warranting of the attack. What was found out is that the political and the military intelligence approaches are biased more on the quality of communication between various departments[26]. The CIA operates with the IC which allows the DNI to assert more authority on the Langley. Clearly, the defense on the federal regulation applies the supplemental budgets that equip the DNI towards the sharing and information integration. In either case, there is a need to equip the CIA because it is the operation organ of the DIA[27]. Iannotta discusses the relationship between DNI and CIA, noting that there is a need to work within a small budget[28]. Hence, the DNI is required share and integrate intelligence information based on the rules provided by the central government. Such close relationship shows the good and benevolent relation of sharing and integrating information.

2.5.3 IC ITE Governance

Studies have also proved that the IC ITE has been responsible for influencing the sound management intelligent principles. For instance, findings by Swayer (2014) have been liable for leadership and administration process while specifying the right decisions, services and driving the good communication between services and consumers. Mazzafro (2012) as such quotes the modeling and simulation techniques that have been developed to draw up the MSIC operation plan. MSIC works in close collaboration with Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), ONI/FTAC which provides the right approval for the combatant commands that have been projected from various contingency operation plans.

There have been other performance assessment procedures that involve planning for the elements of the major powers. Apparently, governance plays a significant role in the quality of the performance evaluation. The units established above are part of which the IC ITE program is directly involved in. The procedures of innovation are based on the process of improvement plans that are participating in the various development and the acquisition communities. According to Serbu, it is clear that the CIA operates under the jurisdictions of the DNI because the DNI shares information with the CIA equipping them with the appropriate development platforms for various entire operating systems[29]. Within the CIA, modeling and simulation systems create a holistic performance-based framework that establishes the right standardized solutions for the procedures that the DNI is required to adopt in pursuing sharing. Therefore, the environment at which DNI operates is only possible through the compound surrounding standardization.

2.5.4 Business Model Change

Researchers have also attempted to prove IC ITE have tried to create the appropriate the right organization change business models which are vital in financing. Defense Intelligence Agency (2015) in fact lists greater innovation, improved costs sharing, barriers to entry, centralization, competition and the enterprise resources as some of the leading factors that IC ITE introduces to 21st business models. In this case, the industry is supported by the right growth of the INSA panel discussion which helps in adopting the good organizational approaches that improve the sharing process. Daughtey-Miles (2014) argues there are many issues associated with the IC’s ability to counter threats, balance its resources, and use those resources wisely.

Research has also indicated how the DNI improves the sharing and integration process by identifying whether all departments are work in close collaboration with each other.  The ability access and examine the each unit’s capacity is only a greater way to show the integrity of the DIA[30]. Other findings show that some intelligence issues relate to the cross-cutting and the ability to integrate the right cooperation between departments while emphasizing on the right issues associated with the leadership and the management.

Concerning the government business findings by Hsdl (2016) provided a deep assessment of the mission capability, infrastructure models and the tasks that respond to the integrated systems. notes that the decisions to relate to the short and long term business intelligence systems are based more or less on the quality of intelligence communities[31]. Changes related to the funding and the cost recovery model show the accuracy of the DNI relies on the effectiveness of how the departments collaborate with each other. Swayer (2016) notes that IC does not measure IT costs for pricing IT infrastructure as well as the historical uses. IC ITE business model, in this case, shows that there are actual prices and the recovery mechanism that help in determining the sequence of variable costs as well as determining the funding process that is charged back[32]. There is significant consideration derived from DTS Program Office which provides the appropriate department beliefs for the diplomatic posts. Hence, promoting new contracting procedures depends on the industry approaches that are based on the procurement and the demand options as well as integration vs. development options that are more on the circumstances of the industry[33].

2.6 Security and Risk Management

Researchers have also proved that IC ITE has significantly influenced the quality of security risk management. In this case, the practice and the assurance of information and the management risk is related to the quality of use, processing, storage and transmission of the data through prevailing information systems and the purposes. In this case, the protection, authenticity, and availability of data depend on the ability to provide confidentiality and non-repudiation of authorized disclosure of information[34]. notes that the INSA models have provided the greatest risk assessment of the IC ITE organizational change which provides a correctly generated data mechanism that is vital for the creating robust governance models as well as recreating the right detailed risk management[35]. Naegel[36](2017) examines the DTE buildings which create the right interface for DTE user interfaces. As well, the DTE creates the right IC ITE environment which involves effectively making the right components for the operations which include

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Government cloud services

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Enterprise Management for security and intelligence

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Identifying the right Access control

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Developing the proper transport services

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Determining the flexibility in security coordination

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Developing the right application mall.

The strong governance model help in assign the proper risk management mechanism that is necessary for providing the true accountability for measuring the progress of these elements. The transparency revolves a properly collaborated assessment of the issues while learning to build the right security threshold.

Studies by United States (2012) explain how the DNI shares and integrates the intelligence IT enterprise based on the range of functions that he is assigned. These functions require the DNI to understand the specific metrics, timelines, and milestones that revolve around the DNI. The DNI is therefore required to have leadership qualities so that he can be able to guide the team towards improving the intelligence and information sharing process[37]. In response, the DNI office should be able to define, implement and sustain the growth of infrastructure all in the quest of creating the right leadership plan.

2.8 Impact of implementing intelligence community information technology enterprise literature gap

Clearly, there lacks a study that investigates the impact of implementing intelligence community information technology enterprise (IC ITE) within the intelligence community, specifically looking at the role of the DNI in seeing the proper coordination of the IC ITE. Most of the literature focused on the professional situation of the office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The research as well focused on how the DNI handles risk and risk management that could affect the IC ITE. The literature gap presents the appropriate knowledge of the area while being comprised of the summary of the relationship in suggesting the anticipated findings. The literature review is a deficient component of what exists in the literature given that it demonstrates the gap that exists in the review. The literature review helps did not focus on the point of the DNI, Besides, in the article explored, most of them were government publications and websites there lacked a detailed experimental study. Hence, there is a need to explore how the DNI influences the intelligence council and agencies surrounding the intelligence community.