Marcus Garvey – Term Paper

He who has eyes were of glistening jewels, drowning courage

Clearly viewed the world as a stage and handled it as a raging sea of heartlessness

 He constantly moved ahead of his time like a clock

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Co-worked so patiently and loved silently as a grave

 Grounded in times of distress and grief he stood as brave as a lion

 Leading from the front, constantly reminded the black that freedom fighting is painful

Perfectly reminded them that it was a joint initiative that targeted all the slaves

Steadily, He filled his followers’ hearts with zeal and ensured all the slaves were hopeful

Having realized there is a time that only courage is the only asset that saves

 Said and had in his diary ‘fighting for freedom’, fairness and far-fetched facts in future

For in boldness, bidding and binding blacks benefited before and after independence

In matters with morality’s, Marcus made memories more memorable

Merely because he convinced them that neither nepotism nor networks needed natives

Needless to say, Garvey gave government’s great gains going by goats granted to him

  His every effort used in gauging the economy, despite his haters raised ethical concerns

Contrarily, insight indicated inevitability of issues in information to instilling integrity

In as arbitrary arrests affected all African slaves, affirmative action assured freedom

For blacks’ sake offsetting one opportunity on unclear grounds made Garvey grateful

Going by his legacy, his light;shone bright, night;or day, just to lead them from fear

;Flatly, he always advocated for the future generation through education

Even though the slaves were illiterate, there was always room for acquiring new skills

Since Marcus never relented on the course of justice and use anything for its promotion

Promises that he made he kept and this character proved him as an elite

;Even as Marcus Garvey;s popularity rose and spread as fast as lighting

Liberty enabled him to still manage to remain humble and blind to criticism as a bat

Being aware there was need to become flexible and as swift as an eagle

;Even as the skies of his push and reforms began to exceedingly dark

Dear Marcus Garvey you still remain a steadfast and a committed saint as sun sets