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Dear HRM

Re: Application for the Position of a Medical Sales Position

I am writing to you in response to an advert you posted on the **/10/2016 regarding a job vacancy for a medical sales position. My professional qualification and experience make me the right candidate for the job. I have a good comprehension of challenges involved in building a target territory for sales from scratch and invigorating one that is performing poorly.

The attributes that make me a match for your organizational needs include:

Developed working relationships with different industries, companies and government VA hospitals and became a partner for the treatment of addiction. The organizations that I worked for achieved $ 0.5 million in VA contract sales. 

Met and exceeded performance metrics in admission and payer mix. In 2015, I developed new contracts and exceeded set budget goals by 50%. 

Awarded employee of the quarter due to increased referral from accounts by 155% in one-quarter. 

Completed Q1 of 2011 at 115% of the total products quota.

Established and maintained superior customer relations that helped seek new revenue sources while maintaining existing ones. 

Awarded salesperson of the year 2008. Exceeded goals over 175% consistently generating $800,000 revenue per annum.

Holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from University of West Florida.

You will notice a year’s gap in my resume. I took the last year off to care for my sister who is battling stage IV melanoma. My acumen in pushing for and implementing precise strategies in growing revenues has helped me remain a highly-respected salesperson. 

I intend to explore my potential to ensure that your organization continues the growth of its sales. Please contact me in case of any queries regarding my application. Thank you in advance as I look forward to your consideration. 

Yours faithfully,



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