Michael Jackson – Term Paper

Citation from Biography in Context

“Michael Jackson.” Contemporary Black Biography, vol. 76, Gale, 2009. Biography in            Context, prox.miracosta.edu/login?url=http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/K1606004523            /BIC1?u=ocea63505&xid=9bc5fd77. Accessed 2 Mar. 2017.

Finding an article from “biography in context” was easy by just typing the topic into the homepage search bar and a list of options pops up. However, I could not locate and ebook from the ebook central on the same issue no matter the search words I applied. It’s an extension of ProQest central which requires the user to log to access any resource. Even for the free to access resources, my topic was not part of it, and so I could not access any from this site.

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The article from “biography in context” will be helpful since it talks about Michael Jackson who is my choice of topic for my research study. The article provides a scrutiny of Michael Jackson since childhood as he grew up with his family of a talented musician. They started off as the Jackson Five, but Michael was the standing out vocalist as a young boy he had already shown so much potential. He was a distinguished singer, songwriter, and danger that shared his skills with others. Michael’s father was a musician and had a strong passion for music and wanted all his children to be musicians by all means.; He could force them to train, and this did not go well with his children, but Michael was lucky to come out of the ordeal as a great musician who inspired many during his time.

In conclusion, the article contains all the information I need to accomplish my research paper. Finding the source was easy but of the ebook which is associated with ProQuest central database could not offer any support.