Music and Its Impact on People of Different Ages

Read this term paper and over 1 others like it now. Because they really do not want to listen to anything else but Rap, Pop, and R&B. It is sad that it has come to this but parents need to look more into their children’s education instead of letting them listen to cursing and other subjective things in music. Finally, the impact of music gives people of all ages to dress a certain way. In the music industry artists have their own sense of style. Everyone is always trying to follow the styles they see of different music artist.

For example, the kinky jeans and tight t-shirt look. Many rap artists are into the skinny jeans and tight t-shirts and as I can see so are the ones who are not celebrities. The styles of all music artists change up in many different ways. People of all ages are trying to keep up with them. There are cheap ways to keep up with the look but it can get expensive. People have to the right to dress anyway they want but at the same time they are copying their favorite rapper or singer. To summarize, music does have an impact on people of all different ages.

Music has changed over the years and now it has become more aware for the younger generation. Music gives a broader impact on what is being played. The beats of music are the money maker and they have a bigger impact than the lyrics. Children from ages one and up are mostly listening to the same music as their parents. Children Can sing Songs for different artists but they cannot sing their Abs’s. The impact of music gives people of all ages to dress a certain way. The skinny jeans and tight t-shirt look is a trend that everyone is following because they see on their favorite rapper or singer.

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