My Success Samples – Term Paper

Strong desire for success

The desire for success in life in society has been generally accepted as the norm. However, not everyone who desires success or works towards it succeeds. Life is characterized by uncertainties that make it difficult to predict. Sometimes people succeed through luck, other work hard, others get lucky while working hard, and others are assisted while others find alternative routes (read shortcuts). I belong to the group that works hard and gets lucky in the process of working hard. Everything I have achieved has come to me after tireless work and sleepless nights. I have had to ‘think outside the box’ as the cliche states. 

To illustrate how luck comes to me as I work hard, I will use my education as an example. I was faced with a challenge after high school. My parents could not afford university tuition and I was set on getting university education. I stopped bothering them and took up a job at an internet cafe to raise funds for my tuition. I used my knowledge of software such as SPSS to make money and raised a substantial amount that was enough to get me started on my first year. After joining university, I worked at the internet cafe for a while until I hit the jackpot with a lucrative deal from a new client. The client offered me a recurring job that paid enough to handle my tuition and expenses. I may have been lucky, but I was working hard when luck found me. 

Succeed in life

Success is a major element in a human life as it forms the basis for survival. However, success is dependent on hard work that a person has to implement. In this aspect, most questions have risen that address why we as humans need to succeed in life. Considering the difficulties or challenges that face people in the entire globe, there is not an easier way that has been witnessed apart from the success that comes from a person’s hard work.; ;

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Therefore, about this matter, there are several factors that a person requires for him or her to succeed in this life. First, according to me, education is vital to a person’s success. Due to the developing business environment, the management seeks to employ a competitive workforce that will foresee the success of their business. Hence, education is vital for this course.

Notably, the changing world environment requires people with a zeal to succeed and an individual who is willing to work beyond the difficulties to see him or herself a victor. 

In conclusion, considering all these factors and others not mention in this essay, I stand a chance to be a success since I am a dedicated person as well as an individual who is ready to go beyond my incapability. Moreover, I have the right type of education that will assist me in achieving the success I need despite the challenges.