Navana marketing

Dear Sir, We have the respect and pleasure to submit the report on “A study on Nava Group” At the same time; It Is a great opportunity and honor to have a chance to ether about management of the organization, services offer to the customer and consumer, available cultural practices and other things of the Marketing Mix. I apologize for the size of the paper. It could have shorter but that would have very much narrow for the important topics like this. I hope you would accept our term paper. We are looking forward to helping you If you need any clarifications In this regard.

Thanking you 2. Praying Bank Has Signature 1 . Champs Roy 3. Md. Muhammad 4. Mushier ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are grateful to Database Bias, our course instructor for the paper for his label input and help throughout. We would like to acknowledge his valuable insight and guidance in creating and editing this report. In order to gather practical knowledge from the field, our visit to Nava Auto Mobiles office was very much useful. We are appreciative to those companies’ personals for being very much cordial to provide us the essential data.

We are grateful to Mr.. Useful Islam Kamala (Chairman) and Monaural Islam (Director) to give us his valuable time to provide us information about their internal environment, information about their employee and motivational factors. Our sincere thanks go to our friends and batch mates for their support, help and patience without which this paper was never possible in such a short time. In spite all these valuable contributions, this work is our responsibility and any omissions and errors are strictly our. This is a difficult research.

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Without those cooperation help and support we can not be able to complete our study successfully. Executive Summary It was indeed a great honor for the Chairman Mr.. Jarful Islam and the Vice Chairman Mr.. Shuffle Islam Kamala (now Chairman of NAVA GROUP) who are entrusted in the business community as pioneer in the business arena of the entry. Due to the dynamic leadership of the key figure of the Group, with in a short span of five years, Toyota Corona, nicknamed the “Miracle Car” captured 80 percent of the 1300-1500 c Volkswagen, People, Hillman, Austin, Morris etc.

This was a tremendous marketing achievement set forth by NAVA, Toyota is still efforts Toyota Car’s resale value has been reached the highest level in Bangladesh compared to that in other countries which has been appeared as major factor influencing customer’s buying decision in favor of Toyota. The market subsequently and till today associated with the name of Toyota as symbol of reliability, durability ND quality.

In a later years the Group has entered into an exclusive distributor franchise with HINT Motors of Japan and as a result of the dynamic leadership of the Group’s Chairman and with a team of experienced marketing experts the HINT brand has been able to attain a significant market share in heavy transport sector and now HINT is the symbol of prestige. In the marketing front the group is enjoying a tremendous success in marketing of world reputed brand Goodyear in Automobile Tire Sector. Goodyear Tire have been able to gain a significant amount of market share and recently it has been the Market

Leader in commercial type segment. This has been possible due to the Group’s excellent reputation, marketing strategies and due efforts. In August 1981, the Group set up Abaft Automobiles Ltd. To assemble Toyota and Hint vehicles for the Bangladesh market. Abaft Automobiles Ltd. Is the largest private sector automobile assembling plant in Bangladesh. Abaft Automobiles Ltd. Became a listed company on the Dacha Stock Exchange in 1987. In 1998 Abaft Automobiles Ltd. Has gone under a massive BEMIRE program and as a result of the program, it started its Body Fabricating Unit, Paint Manufacturing Unit and Battery Unit.

Soon after separating from Islam Group, Mr.. Shuffle Islam Kamala who was also uncharged of Construction Division and the Real Estate Division in the then Islam Group formed a new construction & real estate developing unit of the Group named: Nava Construction Ltd. And Nava Real Estate Ltd. , which is now one of the leading construction and real estate developing company in Bangladesh. In the trading front, the Group has brought into existence a separate trading unit in 1996 namely Opinion Limited. This company commenced business in the potential field of Health and Medical Equipment Sector.

And within a short span of one year nice its commencement it was awarded with one of the biggest single tender under the Ministry of Family & Welfare, worth of IIS$ of 5. 0 million to supply & installation of Medical Equipment under CE finance. Taking into consideration of the importance of the aid worthy projects the group introduced another company in 1998 namely Nava Interlinks Limited in its chain. Nava Interlinks Limited has started involving in the potential sector of Civil Food Sector, Chemical & Bulk Commodities Supply & Indenting, as well as turnkey projects in these sectors.