Marketing Strategy

Relevant theories are discussed for each topic & examples given in the context of the real world. All students are required to read relevant chapter(s) of the textbook before each class. Additional readings and cases assigned may be included in the examination. All students are required to participate in class and to discuss how real-life examples an be explained with marketing concepts/theories covered. The orientation is primarily managerial, which draws upon: real-life examples wherever applicable; contemporary research and cases; real world marketing practices.

The following IDEA diagram outlines the process of formulating marketing strategy, which facilitates students to learn and apply relevant marketing concepts and theories in the strategic formulating process leading to recommendations that are sound and effective: Input General information search Evidence Alternatives Implications on marketing mix Discussion [analysis Specific, relevant and importance Rationales and line of arguments Evaluate alternatives (mission, orientation … From strategic objectives to tactical outcomes Outcome Sizing-up and key issue(s) Application of Analytical framework(s) Marketing Strategy decision on ups 0 Marketing plan Tutorials: To supplement relevant materials for topics covered in lectures. Your understanding of the topics can be strengthened through class discussions and presentations. To stimulate your critical thinking ability through class discussions. To develop your language and communication skills. All students should read up on the topic and assigned tasks before coming to class. Activities are designed to allow you to learn to work with others in a group.

Student will work together as teams with a maximum of 6 members in each team. Continuous Coursework Assessment (CA) l. Group Project Presentation (20%) You will be assigned an industry for your group project All groups will be assigned one specific company (to be confirmed in lecture) within the given industry assigned by your tutor. Each group is required to prepare a strategic marketing plan for the company they were assigned. This may include preparation and analysis of : I. Environmental analysis it. Industry structure and Competition ii. Market, segmentation and consumer profile ‘v.

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Competitive advantage and core competence of the company v. Positioning of the company v’. Key issue(s) for the company vii. Internal analysis (strengths and weaknesses) including the structure and operation of the company viii. External analysis (threats and opportunities) including opportunities for the company and its competitors ix. Corporate vision, mission and orientation x. Strategic alternatives x’. Key strategy and recommendations You must participate in your group project including all preparations, meetings, discussions and presentation. Your group project presentation will be assessed both as a group and as an individual, I. . , your individual contributions to the presentation will be also evaluated. A power-point (PPTP) slides is required for your 20 minutes verbal (in English) presentation (I. E. No written report is required) on the agreed date. Before your presentation starts, provide your tutor with a hard copy of the power-point slides. Each presenters name should be written on the first page of your PPTP hard copy, in the sequence of your presentation, so that the tutor can write down comments for each presenter (see form in Appendix). You are not required to vomit any written notes on this presentation unless specifically requested.

Your grade will be awarded based on your presentation alone. You are encouraged to use whatever primary or secondary information sources you think are appropriate in preparing for the assignment. This may include interviews, textbooks, Journal articles, news, your own observations, and materials from the company and the internet. The objective is to develop your own way of thinking and analyzing the strategic marketing process on a continuous basis through tracking of marketing activities of a real-life company. You need to relate that to the concepts you were seed to cover and discuss their implications.

Any irresolvable disputes among group members that may lead to change of group structure must inform your Lecturer at least two weeks before the scheduled group presentation for a formal decision. II. Individual Report (15%) Deadline of the report is March 27, 201 5 (Friday of week 10), before 6:pm. Your report should be submitted in both printed hardcopy and softy on/before the deadline. The printed copy can be submitted in person during lecture or to my office at MAIM. The softy should be sent by email, with the subject line “MAMMON term paper 2015 Mono/Truths/Friday (either one)”.