Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships

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WhiteLight is really appropriate to those people who are very look conscious. Because of their consciousness may be they will recognize their needs. By our marketing they can beaware about the product and search more information from dentists and also by surfinginternet. If they are interested about our product consumer can buy the product fromsome of our outlets. And we are hoping this product will satisfy their needs. 3. 12 SWOT Analysis of the product:Strenghts ? Strong Brand Image ? eServices and technology ? Faster tooth whitener ? Easy to carry Weaknesses ? High Prices ? Fewer purchase location pic][pic] Marketing Plan for WhiteLight Opportunities ? Differnt color gel ? Different flavore gel Threats ? Competitors can produce ? Serving at lower price ? Price of raw materials can go up Chapter 4 Pricing Strategy: 4. 1 Price setting: Price is the amounts of money customers have to pay to obtain the product. Generally insetting price companies follow the following steps:As WhiteLight is a new product in our country so we will follow the followings: Select the price objectiveDetermine demandEstimate costsAnalyze competitor price mixSelect pricing methodSelect final price pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic] Marketing Plan for WhiteLight ? Our price objective will be – Maximize current profit and increase sell. ? It will be inelastic demand. Because people who are look conscious will usethis product and actually price will not be an important matter to them. Butalso as most of our country people are price sensitive so we will try to keeplower and reasonable price. ? Total costs will depend on the price of the ingredients, cost of producing the product, costs of packaging, costs of promotion activities and the company’sfixed costs. ?

In Bangladesh no other company is selling this kind of tooth whitener, so wehave no local competitors. ? After estimating costs we will add mark up value to get minimum profit. ? Then we will set the final price. For the premium package we will add lessmark-up, as the gel and whitening machine will be packaged together. 4. 2 Pricing Method: As we mentioned that we will add mark-up value to determine the price by using mark-up method so our aim will be to keep the price in between Tk. 1500 to Tk2000. But theexact amount will be set based on the upper mentioned factors. 4. 3 Pricing Strategy:

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Considering “WhiteLight” as a new product in our country and this is already popular inother countries we will use “Market Skimming” pricing strategy. We hope that buyer willing to pay our settled price. [pic] Marketing Plan for WhiteLight Chapter 5 Distribution or Location Strategy:5. 1 Distribution Process: Unilever is doing this job quite efficiently for its existing products. For ‘WhiteLight -Tooth Whitening System’, at first we will launch it in two big cities- Dhaka City andChittagong City. Depending on the positive response in future gradually we will extendthe market of this product in other divisions.

The distribution process of WhiteLight – Tooth Whitening System will be same as thecompany’s other products, which is as following- Manufacturer:ConsumersRetailersWholesalersManufacturer The final consumersThe retail storesOwn distributorsUnilever itself  [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] Marketing Plan for WhiteLightWe will produce this new product by our own and we will also make the formulated gel,whitening machine of the dental floss by our own. Wholesaler: Unilever has its own distributors who will buy the wholesale amount and sell these to theretailers. Retailers:

Retailers will buy the products from distributors and sell these to the final consumers. Consumers: People can get it in superstores, big pharmacies etc. We will place this product mainly inurban areas of Dhaka City and Chittagong City of Bangladesh with Unilever’sexceptionally good channel of distribution. 5. 2 Level of Distribution Channel: As Unilever have their own distributors who are working as wholesaler, and they are sellthe product to the retailers from them consumer buy the product. Therefore, we can saytwo level of distribution channel is followed by the Unilever. 5. 3Distribution or marketing Channel systems:

Unilever are using conventional distribution channel as this company consisting of independent producer and one or more independent wholesalers and retailers and alsothey have no negotiation method to resolve the problem; if any problem arise. They aredoing their individual work by their own. [pic] Marketing Plan Unilever Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Info and Rating marketing marketing plan term paper mkt301 bracu Partho Kumar Mohonta Share & Embed Related Documents PreviousNext 1. [pic]p. [pic]p. [pic]p. 2. [pic]p. [pic]p. [pic]p. 3. [pic]p. [pic]p. [pic]p. 4. [pic]p. [pic]p. [pic]p. 5. [pic]p. pic]p. [pic]p. 6. [pic]p. [pic]p. [pic]p. 7. [pic]p. [pic]p. More from this user PreviousNext 1. [pic]29 p. [pic]2 p. [pic]28 p. 2. [pic]28 p. [pic]2 p. [pic]33 p. 3. [pic]2 p. [pic]2 p. [pic]2 p. 4. [pic]2 p. [pic]32 p. [pic]12 p. 5. [pic]4 p. [pic]31 p. Recent Readcasters Add a Comment Top of Form [pic] Bottom of Form Upload a Document Top of Form [pic]Search Documents Bottom of Form • Follow Us! • scribd. com/scribd • twitter. com/scribd • facebook. com/scribd • About • Press • Blog • Partners • Scribd 101 • Web Stuff • Support • FAQ • Developers / API • Jobs • Terms • Copyright • Privacy Copyright © 2011 Scribd Inc. Language: English