Personal Mission Statement – Term Paper

My long-term goal is to work towards getting a registered nurse degree in the health care. One of my future goals is to open up a health care facility that will address women and teenagers health-care issues. As a licensed practical nurse I have the potential to pursue a degree to become a registered nurse and pass my state boards exam. As a graduate nurse, I will be able to provide and coordinate patient care, provide counselling and educate patient care, give advice and teach patient care, conduct physical diagnosis and health accounts, administer medications, provide numerous personalized interventions, make important decisions on immediate actions, coordinate care in various ways, direct and supervise over LPN’s and nurse assistants. I will also be able to conduct research in support or help improve practice and patient outcome relating to their health. 

Nursing has been my passion which is deeply rooted in my heart. As a practitioner, I know I will be able to serve my community especially the teenagers and women.  Nursing is boundless, and as the one, I am focused to utilize the highest limits as I aim to grow consistently. My aspiration is to have an extraordinary life characterized by deep learning, generous service and lead with courageousy while I serve among women and teenagers.

As a licensed practical nurse, I have some experiences practicing as a Registered Nurse I feel that I have the needed preparation that would help me progress to women and teenager health care programs by pursuing a registered nurse degree. Although my work experiences are based on employed facilities, having a degree would help to establish a health-care facility that would assist in resolving health care problems related to women and teenagers. As a nurse primarily working with various patients, I have noticed that there exist a gap in women and teen health care due to patient miscommunication, nursing miseducation as well as the absence of holistic care. This has led to the extended stay of the patient in the hospital. 

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I have identified education as the greatest proactive step a nurse can embrace which will go a long way in preventing acute illness among patient. Secondly, accurate and honest patient communication has a great potential to lead to better patient perception, compliance, and trust in the process of treatment. However, the critical issue is to view each patient personally and holistically to achieve better outcomes. Also, in the primary care setting for nursing practitioners, I have learned that effective primary care can be only realized through critical thinking and thorough assessment of communication, education, and holistic care. These are some of the learning goals I have while pursuing a degree registered nurse in the health care.

I have come to understand that I belong to the community to promote health and wellness so that teenagers and women do not end up being hospitalized in critical condition. The experience I have gained has prepared me to start a new expedition that would advance y knowledge as a practice nurse. My character as a patient advocate, diligent worker and a leader who has an insatiable desire for knowledge will help me to learn and accept the responsibilities I will get after being a registered nurse and pass my state boards exam 

After I complete a degree and become a registered nurse and pass my state boards exams program, I will have leaped a step closer to my ambitious goals. It will have prepared me to establish a health care facility to provide services to women and teenagers that would help me impact the health of my society. I have observed numerous women and teens fall vulnerable to diseases that are preventable or can be managed with the right help. Therefore I will be able to effectively assess, diagnose, follow-up, communicate, educate and provide personalized holistic care. I am profoundly convinced that a nursing degree program will help me realize my goals and improve my proficiency as an extraordinarily advanced practice nurse.