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Growing up with your parents is something that most people take for granted. It is a norm to them, and some will even claim it is a fundamental right. For this reason, they make it on the regular forgetting that they have the Almighty to thank for such a favor. More so, if you have a place to call home growing up is a gift you should always be thankful of. This is because what may seem ordinary and obvious is someone else’s dream. However, it only hits you how lucky you been when you are on the other side of life. A wise saying goes, you never miss the water till the well runs dry. This paper is going to expound on a picture story of homeless kids and the challenges they face growing up.

On the first picture, we come across a bunch of five kids playing in the open. They are all roughly below their teenage years, and dusk is approaching. The fact that they are out at this time of day without adult supervision is suggestive that they are homeless. They have no parents to guide them, and therefore they do as they please and find company, comfort and support from each other. Two of the kids are in a wheelchair although it is evident that they are not crippled in any way, and they all seem happy to be playing at this time of day. The eldest of them is cheering them on by giving them a ride on the wheelchair. Growing up homeless has its affiliated challenges, and some of them include assuming parental roles and responsibilities to the younger ones.

On the second picture, there is a young boy probably between ten to thirteen years old carrying a blue plastic bag. The setting is that of an isolated place probably a club or a lodging where we can assume he spends the better part of his days. The look on his face is not that of a happy person but rather one who is showing despair and hopelessness. In the background is a mature-seeming guy who is probably a weightlifter from his personal appearance and is not concerned with the little boy at all. The blue paper bag carried by the kid contain some personal items such as clothes which we can assume is all he got. The little boy does not seem bothered by the presence of the adult in the background, and that says a lot about life at the streets; everyone is about their business.

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Picture based story essay

The next picture is that of a woman hugging a little girl with tears on her face. From her facial expression, the woman is joyful to see the little girl and their chemistry is suggestive that it is a mother-daughter relationship. A sneak peek into the house behind them, there isn’t much to see, the little girl’s bicycle is hanging around on the floor and the old walls are enough to tell you that the little girl’s home is not the best. However, the love they share with her mother is enough to keep her going, and she holds on to it with hope for a better tomorrow. The caption of the picture asserts that the daughter was missing earlier and this was the happy reunion. Cases of missing children in the streets are the order of the day. Homeless parents have to incorporate the police, media and general public to help them look for their lost kids now and then.

In this picture, we meet a young adult doing drugs, and from the caption, it is crystal meth. Without the proper channeling and parenting, street children end up being chronic drug users. Perhaps they do this to escape their bitter realities and induce relaxation for the few moment the drugs will have an effect on them. Some of these kids die of drug intoxication, and this happens when they take too many drugs than the body can handle. With no other form of pastime, leisure activities and hobbies, substance abuse are the first resort to many street children.

Finally, the last picture is a boy lying on a floor. From the caption, the boy is ill and has no access to healthcare services. For that reason, the boy resorts to sleeping as a way of soothing his ailment. Apart from lacking medical access, you can tell that the boy’s diet and feeding habits are poor and the various snacks on the stool. They boy is all by himself, and no one is there to fend for him. The boy seems to be in deep thoughts of melancholy and disillusioned with life.

From the various pictures, it is evident that homeless children go through a lot. From drugs to loneliness, illness, and hunger. These kids face too much growing up and rarely do they make it in life and if they do is through many struggles. As a means of survival, the old ones end up stealing to provide for the young people.