Indiana University's Kelly School of business – Term Paper

Indiana University’s Kelly School of business is a top business school in the country. Becoming an Indiana University undergraduate will allow me a superior education and the opportunity to earn my Bachelors and potentially my Masters degree from an excellent university. I plan to be an Information Systems major. My interest in Information Systems stems from my mother. Who majored in Management Information Systems, and pursued a career in this field. A part of the excitement of attending a top school like Indiana University is the chance to be an involved part of the university as a whole. Although I know I will obtain an outstanding education, I also want an amazing overall college experience. I plan to get involved with the University’s Greek chapters as soon as I can. I’m eager to experience Greek life, and make new life long connections. I look forward to being a part of a Greek association not just for social exposure, but to continue to help make a difference in the community.


Being a part of Cathedral High School, community service is a graduation requirement. After being involved in different service activities for the past four years, I want to continue to help make a difference. IU has a lot to offer when it comes to groups and clubs to join. I love the game of soccer; I played for thirteen years and I’m eager to play again. Getting a chance to join the women’s club soccer team wouldn’t just bring me joy, it would be another way to meet new people. Entering as a freshman at Cathedral High School, I planned on trying out for the soccer team not because I was good, but because it was all I had loved to do since age three. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the team. Not playing soccer for my high school career has had a huge impact on my life but, now that I look back at that time when I thought I failed, I realize that it was a mature decision made to get the best education. The total experience has helped me grow and mature because this was the first time I failed at something I devoted my life to. It taught me even though I might deserve something, I can’t always get what I want in life. This is a life lesson that I’ll carry with me forever.

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