School Environment Makes Difference in School Education – Term Paper

A Clean, Well-Maintained and Safe School Environment Makes Difference in School Education

To build up a free, independent and powerful state, it is necessary to pay a particular attention to upbringing and education of the young people. One day some of these people will govern the state and determine its international policy. What school environment is the best for the young generation? 

The central mission of all American schools is to provide students with an inviting and healthy learning environment. Such environment implies that students will be protected from emotional and physical harm. Broadly speaking, a clean, well-maintained and safe school environment is no less important for students than the efforts of their teachers. To our mind, the safety of schools means that these educational institutions are not just premises with advanced security procedures. It means that the staff of these places helps learners develop assets necessary to become successful even in difficult circumstances. In other words, safe schools stimulate healthy behaviors and choices to help students learn about healthy nutrition, fitness, and so forth.

Schools can be considered physically and emotionally safe if they promote socially correct behavior. Such schools set high expectations for both behavior and academic scores. They also promote respectful relationships between students and teachers. Such approach helps master the sense of self-respect in students. This feature will help them succeed in their future life. Furthermore, safe schools provide students with numerous opportunities to make decisions about their future education. This step will help students grow up as the respectful community members. A healthy school climate has the following characteristics:

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– Both teachers and students respect the cultural and linguistic differences among people.

– Teachers find or develop new ways for students to share their personal experience to grow ethnically, morally through the obtained knowledge and respect from the side of their friends and other students.

– Students or teachers with limited abilities can find an environment that will offer a positive acceptance of physical differences.

Healthy Children And Teachers

Well-maintained schools also reduce the risk of getting ill in the wall of these premises. If the school is cold, students and teachers lose some school days. Therefore, maintaining a warm air temperature in classes prevents spreading of germs and bacteria. As children and teachers will be healthy during the educational process, the quality of education will be better anyhow. Both healthy teachers and students can focus better at school subjects and experience less absenteeism. Thus, the advantage of the warm schools is obvious.

As to cleanness of school classes, it also plays a particular role in the prevention of spreading the infections in schools. Decreasing the use of chemicals for cleaning classes reduces the number of health problems among school staff and students. Today the advocates of green cleaning in schools claim that such measure can result in cutting down an absenteeism and the improving of student performance. The matter is that it is important to understand to what extend the chemical can be used for the purposes of hygiene in schools. As there is a number of people vulnerable to chemicals (for example, allergy sufferers), no need to provoke the allergy attacks in this category of population. 

To summarize all the above, safe, well-maintained and clean school environment leads to improvement of academic scores, physical and emotional state of people working and learning here. Moreover, people who work in the safe and clean premises do not suffer from depression and dedicate their efforts to their job. Thus, this issue is more important than it may seem to be.