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Describe Your Favourite Meal in the Whole Wide World & Why

Baked potato, apple butter, chicken fried steak, and Chinese food and pizza are some of my best foods of all the time. This is due to the fact that I get the finest satisfaction due to the nature of taste that they have. However, Pizza lead this list, and therefore, I can safely regard it as my favorite food. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to describe pizza in regard to it as my favorite food memory.

Pizza originated from Italy, where it was an integral element of the Italian food. To be precise, the world’s first pizzeria was opened in 1738, in Naples, Italy. Thus, for a long time, pizza preparation has revolutionized from the initial simple plain dough served together with tomato sauce, to the current form, which is regarded as 4-in11 pizzas. This simply means that one can only order for four different savors and finally pay for a single item; Pizza. In addition, Pizza taste absolutely fantastic and I strongly believe that anyone who has taken it felt the same thing. Many times that I have gone to any food center, I often find many adults and children eating pizza.

What is Your Favorite Food Essay

Moreover, I like eating pizza that has come directly from the oven. This is because they taste soft specifically in the middle and on the sides, a crispy taste can be felt. The aroma accompaniment awakens my nostrils especially when it is served from the oven. In this case to be honest, even after I have come from having a heavy meal, a well prepared Pizza cannot lack a space in my stomach!

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Additionally, when I eat Pizza I feel some tasteful flavors in the sided of my mouth. The taste is also cheesy bearing in mind that it can also be served with diced vegetables, mushrooms, and tomato sauce with some elements of deluxe cheese inside it. Thus, considering the fact that one can put anything in Pizza and it still tastes and smells awesome is another thing contributing my affection for it. One can put any other type of food that he or she loves into pizza and the taste does not really change; instead the sweetness of the taste increases.

Essay on my Favorite Food

During the last holiday, my friend Rodriguez and I decided to prepare Pizza. Mark you, both of us are big fans of pizza. We both knew that Pizza is prepared fresh, frozen, and the sized of the other ingredients are sliced into small pieces. We had prior information that, there was methods of preparation that have been lately developed so that the overcoming challenge such as sauce combining with the dough along others to be solved. Thus, we were so keen to make sure that all these are met during the course of our preparation.  Considering the fact that we prepared it for our own domestic use, we had therefore used the pizza stone.  During the process, my friend and I slid the items into the oven, where we also used paddle that is commonly referred as peel. A peel is commonly used to sprinkle and enable the pizza to slide in its surface. After the whole set of the ingredient has been made, dough can be mixed on any clean type of a table. As earlier described, the taste of pizza is awesome and color is attractive since there are many ingredients incorporated therein.

Essay about favorite food

We need food for various reasons. Some of the grounds get based on their nutritious nature and the good substances they offer to us. The result gets noted in the maintenance of life and continuity of growth of both body organs and other complex structures (Beeton, 2012). Even as the assertion gets noted, different people got preferences of different food. Therefore, the paper gets founded on my favorite food, the one that I enjoy most every time I consume.

The food that favors my interest gets based on broccoli. Whenever I consume this food, some sense of health and safety gets restored to me. Equally impressive, broccoli gets noted as a delicious food especially its roasted florets that usually come with 5 min prep and tossed in parmesan- garlic (Rose & 3M Company, 2014). Whenever I get to consume it in this combination, I get fulfilled and feel its side of perfection. The food reassures me of my freedom concerning diseases like cancer due to its component of glucoraphanin which provides anti- cancer compound of sulforaphane. The food also gets packed with soluble fiber that draws cholesterol out of an individual’s body. This food despite getting noted as a vegetable stands out as one of my best food substances. It makes me get the great sense of health and make me look toot.

Broccoli stands out as my favorite food due to the health benefits that it offers to me as depicted in the entire paper. The benefits mentioned on the food gets noted as a few credits among other numerous advantages. The delicacy of the food gets justified by the large consumption that gets recorded across the globe.;


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