Pros and Cons of Processed Foods – Term Paper

Processed foods and health

Should processed food be cut back? In the 21st century, people have adopted processed food as their normal meals where they buy packed lunch to the office. Parents at home have also adopted processed foods as their main food for the family. There are others who believe that processed foods are not good for health and that they may affect us at long run. After considering both sides of the issue, I strongly believe that processed foods should be cut back.

According to Brazil Public health nutrition report, increase use of ultra- processed foods is likely to affect the human health. This has already impacted the human health as processed foods are causing heart diseases, obesity and cancer. Youths are dying at a high rate due to high consumption of processed foods.  These foods are always high in sugar, fructose and artificial ingredients which are harmful to human health. The processed foods are highly addictive and it becomes a task for people to cease their consumption. Death is one of the fatal effects of processed foods. It is very saddening that we are losing young people due to unhealthy consumptions. We are losing young, energetic and talented people every now and then. I suggest we wake up and take action.

I have been a victim of losing a young friend to obesity and I am tired of it. I feel angry with parents who will not wake up early in the morning and prepare fresh breakfast for their children. I at times wonder if they care about their children at all. This is because of the pain I felt when I lost my friend, I would not want anyone to experience it, yet it can be avoided. I highly urge all of us to adapt healthy eating habit by cutting back the processed foods.  If for instance, you serve your family 5 sausages in the morning, you can substitute that to sweet potatoes which are healthy and nutritious. Let us all work towards living the healthy and great life that we all want.  There can be planning of a meal timetable where all means must contain whole foods. If the timetable is followed, great change can be seen in the people and the world.

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Good eating habits

If we fail to practice good eating habits, then there will loss of lives. In connection to loss of lives, diseases such as cancer, obesity and heart disease are likely to occur mostly among the youths. We are losing children and relatives, and our country is losing talents. On the other hand if we put emphasis on consuming whole foods, then we are assured on healthy and long lives. Everyone wants to feel great about their body. This will also be one of the positive outcomes of cutting back processed foods where will we feel great inside and also outside. Weight gain is very common among the youths where their self-esteem is diminished due to their weight. This problem will be long gone as we only concentrate on taking what is of help to our bodies. We can all save ourselves by cutting back the consumption of processed foods and if possible, completely doing away with them.

So I urge you all to adopt the healthy feeding habit which will benefit you in the long run. If my friend had stopped consuming fries and sausages every day, he would still be alive. I appreciate healthy and whole foods because I don’t want to lose friends again. Some of you may say that it is your birthday and you have to celebrate by consuming some of the processed foods that you love. But the one time you celebrate,may be the time that leads to your health complications or even death. So please, be choosy on what you put in your mouth. I don’t want you to regret or lack that chance to regret.