Psychological aspects of steroids in bodybuilding and sport – Term Paper

There is a wide range of steroids that bodybuilders use today. Their trademarks may vary: Anastrozole, Anavar, Arimidex, Cheque Drops, Dianabol, Clen and many others. Steroids are chemical compounds that have the capability to regulate various processes in humans organism. Some of them have an extremely bad reputation because of the multiple side effects. Nevertheless, athletes still continue using them in order to increase their results in sport and improve their performance.

So, the purpose of this article is to consider the most famous steroids that are used in bodybuilding and sport and to define their positive psychological effects on humans health.

The first anabolic steroid is Anavar. It is mainly used among the women because it helps greatly to lose weight without reducing muscle bulk. The researchers state that this anabolic can support the sportsmen to lose their weight even without keeping to a strict diet. It is one of the main advantages of this steroid that causes some positive effects. With the help of Anavar, bodybuilders can do not focus their mind on burning fats and this advantage give them an opportunity not to have psychological problems because of their excess weight. If athletes use it in a proper dosage, they can avoid such side effect as virilization. It is also important for those women who are afraid to use this steroid.

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Another powerful steroid is Check Drops. It cannot be used in long periods because its activity is colossal. It is used mainly by mature bodybuilders who eager to win the competition. Athletes limit the usage of this anabolic to one-two weeks before the important competitions because they provoke high amounts of aggression. Skeptics maintain that this aggression can cause damage on bodybuilders because they may deal with uncontrolled reactions of their organism, but it is not true. The effect of aggression that is caused by these steroids will increase their power and stimulate all their forces, and help them to win the competitions.

As for Dianabol, this anabolic is one of the most potent ones. It helps to produce the growth of muscle mass quickly and easily. Moreover, athletes can get used to a huge workload faster and do not have extreme tiredness. It is also able to normalize essential processes of humans organism that are in charge of psychological and mental health. Another important issue is that Dianabol or D-bol as it is called among the bodybuilders can improve the sleep quality of athletes and give them the chance to gain forces and do not get tired of everyday exercises. D-bol also monitors the metabolic process and increase significantly the growth of insulin. Therefore, the sportsmen often use it because Dianabol has both psychological and physical benefits. It reduces mental stress and keeps proteins inside their organism and gives energy to their bodies. So, it is one of the frequently used steroids because it protects not only physical state of the sportsmen but also their brain and psychological state from overload.

To sum up, despite the bad reputation and numerous side effects that steroids have, they are used in bodybuilding and sport to improve the quality of athletes performance and to increase the muscle bulk. Their task is also to regulate numerous processes that take place in the organisms of sportsmen. The psychological aspects of steroids that were described in this article are:

 The capability to protect athletes from overload.

 The control of essential processes of the organism that are in charge of good psychological state of bodybuilders.

 The monitor of hormones that improve their mood.

So, the usage of these steroids in strict dosage and in short terms will have positive psychological effects.