Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus – Term Paper

The author of the article is arguing that sexual intercourse in another major transmission of Zika virus. Through it, the virus is rapidly transmitted from one gender to another. With this new development, women are at high risk of being infected as compared to men. The author, therefore, classified gender disparity and age-factor as a determinant for the outbreak of the diseases. In supporting this, he argued that Zika can persist in men’s semen for months, thereby putting pregnant women at risk. Similarly, he uses the report on Colombia to support his claim on age-factor whereby both young men and women who were infected by the virus but when they reached the age of 15, the rates in female shot up. 

The author also pointed out that the virus sexual transmission is from male to female but no evidence on female to male transmission and this is another reason as to why women are at high risk as compared to men. In this respect, he advises that emphasis must be put on protected sex as a way of forestalling the looming outbreak of the virus in the continental America. However, medical experts have disputed the claim of massive increase of Zika in women than men. They pointed out that the high percentage of infection in women is that they are sensible; therefore, often go for medical check-ups as compared to men who shy off. They have also argued that the major cause of the virus is through mosquito bites.

This article clearly relates to my community in a number of ways. To begin with, my community firmly believes that the Zika virus is majorly transmitted through mosquito bites. This indicates that have a semblance opinion to that of various medical experts who disputed the fact that the virus is massively transmitted through unprotected sex.  Secondly, my community also holds an opinion that there is no gender disparity as regard to its transmission, they believe that both genders are at the same risk of being infected. The information in the article can be of great assistance to my community as it can broaden their think in all possible ways which can lead to massive transmission of Zika. This would assist in reducing the probable outbreak of the virus.

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