Should College Tuition be Affordable – Term Paper

With the growing importance that people attach to a college education, there is a need to examine the effect of college tuition and the affordability of the same. By understanding the relationship between the college tuition and the quality of education, the society would have an understanding of the role of college tuition to the quality of learning offered (O’Connell 76). In this manner, there is need to solicit the views of the society and helps in identifying the factors that affect the quality of college education and the various avenues that can be used to promote college learning in the modern society. Conducting the survey would solicit an unrestricted response from the participants, and that would then be used to improve the quality of education. The survey will be distributed to the relevant parties and would ensure that the participants represent the population.


With regards to the importance of the college education in the modern society, it is factual that a big percentage of the population agree that college tuition should be affordable. Affordability of college tuition would give opportunity to a larger percentage of the population the chance to acquire skills that enable them to become self-reliant (Hunt 43). By making college tuition more affordable, there would be the ease of getting jobs and decreasing the probability of unemployment; this would also lead to higher earnings because the acquisition of additional college skills leads to increase in information that dictates the earnings of a person. There is a need for the society to approve the reduction of college tuition with the aim of ensuring that there is accessibility to the college education for all. A lot should be done in light with the policies that govern education to ascertain that college tuition is capped at a standard minimum to enable accessibility of college education for all.;

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Another reason as to why college tuition needs to be affordable is because it helps in improving on social equality and helps in ensuring the despite the differences in the social classes, financial constraints do not stand between one;s opportunity to acquire a quality college education. Moreover, college education needs to be made more affordable to reduce the burden of the debts on the students; this is because the students borrow huge loans from various financial institutions to finance their college education (Delaney 56). Making college education affordable would reduce pressure on the college students and give them the opportunity to invest while they are still students. In this regard, making college tuition affordable gives the college students the opportunity to launch business projects, build homes and save for retirement while they are still young. There the need for the society to appreciate the need for reduction of college tuition to make it more affordable.

There are various options of making college education affordable and one of them is to review the repayment of college tuition funds. The students have the idea that by capping the student loans at lower interest rates, the will have the opportunity to borrow college funds and the opportunity to repay the loans with ease when they are employed. Making college tuition affordable would also ensure that there is minimum exploitation of the students by the financial institutions and through charging the students high-interest rates on the student loans that they take (Rodriguez and Andrew 39). Such is a matter that would give the students the opportunity to build a stable future and help in encouraging stable economies and future generations. It is an issue of great importance to appreciate the role of college education in the process of building of the economic systems and identify ways of improving economic performance.;;

Another benefit of reducing college tuition is that it would help in improving the security of the countries indirectly, this is because the reduction in the college tuition would lead to the increase in admission in the colleges where the student would acquire skills that help them to engage in income-generating activities (Welbeck 45). The acquisition of skills would make the youth responsible and desist from engaging in irresponsible social behaviors and criminal activities in the society. It is of great importance to appreciate the role that education plays in tackling environmental problems, poverty eradication and improvement of social living. This a thought supports the need to reduce college tuition and include the efforts of the youth in solving the societal challenges with the view of promoting social development and affirming sustainable development in the modern society (Baum and Jennifer 97). Governments need to take concerted efforts to improve the quality of college education and accessibility to the same with the view of building stable future generations and economic future.;


Despite limited challenges that might affect implementation of guidelines for the reduction of college tuition, there are various benefits that students and countries would enjoy, and this means the provision of affordable quality college tuition is of great importance to the societies and needs to be encouraged. Education is the foundation of strong future generation and governments need to formulate policies that can support affordable quality education among the young population.;

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