Social Activities – Term Paper

Participating in any social activity is a dream of everyone especially an outdoor. Through the activities, one had the chance to meet with people from different parts of the world, socialize, share, have fun and discuss the things that they all believe are important to them. At the same time, social activities give one a sense of belonging, where you end understanding a certain culture and then start feeling that you really belong in the culture. Through social activities, we also tend to give to the society what we have never given to it, such as the acts of community cleaning gives one the chance to show the community that we need to have a clean environment. Personally, I have had an opportunity of participating in different social activities, but recently I found myself in one of the amazing social activities in China. This is something that will be part of my life forever because the experience was the perfect.  China is a cool country with many natural scenes that provides a relaxing moment to the residents. Most of the time, these people visit these places to have fun, but they have changed the fun at these places and now you can have any social activity there.

The Chinese Martial Arts Tai Qi and Kung Fu is one of the best ways to exercise the culture of the Chinese people.  This was the social activity that participated recently. It is the practice for the Chinese people, but they do not limit or hinder anyone to attend. As long as you are in China, everyone is invited to observe and take part in the activity and thus has been important to the Chinese people.    The Tai Chi is made of gentle movements that allow the muscles of an individual to relax through the concentration and it also improves the balance and flexibility of an individual. There are the Kung Fu activities that teach people on how to fight and defend themselves in the case of anything.  They belief that everyone must be ready to fight in case of any problem.

During this time, people come together from different parts and it is here that they have the chance to participate in the activities. During my time, the Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Qi and Kung Fu took place in Beijing after my cousin took ma there. The number of people who attended the social activity was so many and everyone seems to be excited with what was going on during the activity. Having knowledge of different cultures has always been by dream and after attending this function, I was the happiest person ever. It was surprising how these people had mastered their moves and no one could confuse anything, this was interesting. They also seemed happy dyeing this activity as they served their foods and for sure, they love their culture I cannot disagree anymore.

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The most exciting thing is that I have a chance to interact with the Chinese people. What I know is that these people tend to have a different culture from the rest of the society ranging from the kind of food they consume and their cultural practices. Therefore, the fact that I had a chance to be part of this people, and it was great. Learning and interacting with people so that I can understand their culture has always been my prayer. There is nothing as good as having knowledge on what people do as their culture. In the society, we all must respect the culture of others in that we are not there to question their cultures, but we are there to appreciate and support their culture and this is exactly what I did. I did not have time to think and question myself what they were doing, but in the process I found myself enjoying and celebrating what they were doing. I can say the moves were nice and I was also motivated to try but it was anyway.

At the same time, I also interacted with these people and to my surprise they are among the loving and friendly people I have ever met. We talk with them about my culture, and they told many things about China that I did not know. I also managed to make a number of friends who invited me to dinner after that and this was the interesting part of the activity. However, before they completed, they also invited the visitors to try and imitate their moves. Everyone who was foreign joined the field and tried this trick despite the fact that they were hard, we all struggled to get one or two things right.

There is a lot that I have learned from the Chinese people after the activity. The problem with us human is we tend to judge people without first understanding who they really are. Personally, I had my own imaginations and perceptions about these people. I used to think that they are antisocial and rude, but after interacting with them there are nothing near to that. The food of the Chinese people has always been weird on my part. There was a time I was watching a video where they were eating raw tadpoles. This was disgusting and I could not imagine myself doing that, and I even vomited. Since that day, I hated these people, I always associated the kind if the food they are with their character.  I even swore never to step in Chinese food restaurant because of the type of food they are.

 However, after interacting with these people, I have a different feeling. It is not that my culture or your culture is good than the other, will we have to do is appreciate the culture of others. The Chinese are happy with their culture, and food should not make us hate them. My feelings towards the Chinese people have changed and now I like them together with their food. The idea that I cannot step in a Chinese restaurant no longer exists as I am comfortable to eat.

 All in all, I appreciate the presence of social activity. There are many forms of social activities, the problem is as I grew up I only knew that social activity involves helping people like cleaning the local things, helping the old, Visiting children homes, visiting the sick in a hospital, and many others. However I have realized that there are many forms of social activity and even playing basketball is a form of social activity. The main aim of a social activity is to bring people together with the aim of socializing and have fun and the most important thing is that we learn something at the end. It is, therefore, important for the people to understand what the social activity is. Also, recommend that we should all participate in as many social activities as possible. This is important as it gives the sense of life. Instead of sitting and doing nothing, you can be somewhere doing something that can help you or someone else. It is also important to understand that through social activities we have a chance to interact and meet with other friends.

 In conclusion, I have learned that through any social activity, we all have a chance to learn a lot. Ever since I attended the China social activity, I believe that I will always make sure I participate in at least one social activity every year. Through this , I am going to have a chance to learn and understand other cultures across the world and this is my primary goal. It is also important for the young people to avoid activities that can land them into problems like discos, the use of drugs. Through social activity, these young people have their mind occupied and they will not have time for their mischievous behaviors. I also understand that social activity can be a place of educating people on a certain thing in the society. For instance, as people have gathered in their activities, one can take that chance to educate them on subjects like AIDs, teen pregnancy, drugs and many others. The message will help one and they can even end up changing their actions because of the message.