Social Media Campaign for Jewellery Box UK – Term Paper

Value Proposition

Jewellery Box UK is one of the mist affordable franchises in the accessories market. It offers a unique value proposition, namely: over 8000+ products for its clientele to choose from, personalized services whereby customers get to customize their jewellery based on their preferences, the jewellery is affordable ranging from £2.90 and most important, apt and swift customer service response rate of up to a day

Objectives of the campaign

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• Increase brand recognition, ensure that we reach a wider target audience

• Drive sales and traffic to our website

• Maintain acquisition and retention of customers 


The customer journey is one of the most important aspects of customer acquisition. It is therefore important to on-board customers with knowledge at hand.  For our brand, our website will need to be revamped. First, an additional tab will be added, the about tab. This will document our journey as a jewellery brand as well as our history both in writing and using videos. The videos will each be 1 minute short. Secondly, another tab that should be added is, ‘meet the team’ to put a face to the people who tirelessly work to produce quality products. Customers identify with people and not just the product.

To ease the journey of the customer, it is imperative to build an application that will give them more information about the brand, deals as well as just an avenue to communicate with us. This will be phone app that will have all our social media pages incorporated into eat to make navigation easy. This endeavour will require an agency and is a bit costly and therefore can be done over the span of a year. One of the best ways for us to acquire more customers is to have existing customers’ crowdsource their photos and experiences. This means, encouraging taking photos of their purchases and the emotions evoked as they bought their jewellery. Authentic human emotions draw customers to the brand. The customers upload the photos on their accounts and tag us.

• Search

This will involve doing an online search on where most of our customers prevail, as their preferences. This will give us a better understanding on the kind of engagement that our target market expects.

• Additional Social Media  Platforms

Additional platforms will increase our access to a larger target audience as well as enable us to keep up to speed with the changing trends.


This is a good avenue for telling personal stories that are concise and precise. For the company, this would be a good way to show how employees interact on a day to day basis. For example, get all employees to talk about their favourite product while singing to a common pop song.


Vine has proved to be very popular with young people up to the age of 30. The company should use it to create humorous and compelling stories. Most importantly, we will use to t unbox our products. This means that the vines created will show how the individual components of the necklaces and earrings are put together to create the final product.

  Medium, for the company blog, increase interaction with our customers because it is more user friendly.

Photography: to increase traffic to our social media pages, we will need to use authentic and undistorted photos that show normal human experiences such as a boyfriend surprising his girlfriend with a necklace as a way of consoling her after dealing with stressful examinations.

Proposed Segment

Our proposed segment is between the ages of 22 and 40 years of age. The best way to reach to this audience is to segment them because 22yr old interests are different from those of 40 year olds.

Implementation and Timeline





Instagram Competition

Increase interaction with customers by encouraging them to take photos of themselves accessorizing their clothes with our jewellery. The best style then wins some of our products or a voucher


Mid-mornings and early evenings over a span of one week

Live tweeting this year’s Black Friday

To increase traffic to our website and social media pages


Whole duration of Black Friday. 20 tweets per every two hours in a day

Facebook Videos

Increase interaction and engagement with customers


Mostly mid-morning





Key Performance Indicators

• 2,276 Website Visitors (5.3x average)

• 133 “deal” orders

• £925.69 revenue from “deal” orders

• 99 Customer Acquisitions


• Surveys: We aim to retain customers by calling them up after every purchase to inquire about their experience and find out ways in which we could improve service delivery. 

• Appreciation tokens. This entails rewarding our most loyal and engaged customers with vouchers. To also give our customers a sense of belonging, we shall also embark on sending them birthday messages, this will require us to obtain such information for our database. 

• Giving a token upon each purchase i.e. a bar of chocolate

• Constantly educating our clientele on our products. This includes putting out factual information about different jewellery, metals and even what suits each customer best.

• Open channel of communication, ease of calling or email so that customers are not frustrated. Stressing to employees the importance of courtesy when dealing with customers: Lastly, promptly replying to queries on our pages and also encouraging customers to write to us.

• We cannot enhance customer retention without analysing their purchasing behaviour. Therefore, adapt analytics such as Google analytics to provide a better understanding on the purchasing power of our demographic in order to deliver a more outstanding customer experience

• As a jewellery company, we ought to focus on at least four of our key products .i.e. a flagship bracelet or necklace through the use of video tutorials. This helps in driving retention because customers pay attention to the key features of these products. Furthermore, it helps the company to drive insight to consumers about the unique value proposition of our jewellery. This will not only increase retention rates, but ensure customer satisfaction.

• Another way of promoting retention is prompting customers to create accounts upon purchasing a piece of jewellery.  This gives them easier access to their previous purchases and orders and even makes shipping easy.  When customers create accounts, it is evidence that they intend to commit to the brand for future purchases. However, to ensure that a first time customer is not overwhelmed with the prospect of creating an account, the brand offers the option of creating an account through pop-up windows. The windows will also contain the benefits of creating an account, such as ease of tracking orders and purchases. To capitalize on this idea, it would be important if the creation of the account was done in two easy steps. Provide an email address and a username. Ultimately, the option to sign in with Facebook should be added.