Solution to Bullying – Term Paper


Bullying is wrong in every way and form and in most cases it occurs in the educational institutions. It may also take many forms which includes sexual, physical, emotional or verbal abuse. It affects the students’ wellbeing and their ability to concentrate in class as well as their overall performance. The affected victim withdraws from the crowds and they have certain characteristics that make them change their behavior. The bully may also have deeper issues and they may need some form of attention. They may grow to show criminal activities that may affect their life in the long run. For an act in school to fit the bullying standard, it must meet the following criteria. The bully must be violent towards their target and may show depression tendencies and go far too depicting anger and stress (Rigby 67). When the bully has no way through which to get out their negative energy, they may turn suicidal whereas the victim may also do such. It becomes a very special issue to handle. Both the victim and the offender need attention so that they can deal with the situation. The principal has given the task to find a solution to the problem of bullying which takes place in the school and has been a persistent problem which has attracted the attention of the administration.

Thesis statement

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The study seeks to find solutions for a learning institution that has bullying as one of its major problems. It will also highlight on ways schools can adopt that will reduce the problem of bullying in their schools and in the best scenario, they may find a permanent solution to the issue.

Solutions to the Problem of Bullying

The first solution lies with the parents as they should ensure that their children have good manners and behave in the right way. At a young age, children may depict some behavior which may prove that they have the violent character in them. The parents of the guardians should take the initial steps that will help curb through controlling their behavior. Those with an aggressive behavior even before joining school should have some form of counseling and attention from the parents as they seek the solutions to the problems facing their children. The parents should be close enough to their children to note any change in behavior.

  Schools should have programs that work which will help reduce the bullying instances. The programs created in the schools work in a way that it prevents the students who have aggressive behavior from hurting the others (Sampson 100). For instance, they can set out a guidance and counseling session that troubles students can approach and have the counselor address the issues they face. Issues in this case would be internal or external which may require the attention of an adult. Students should also be aware of the bullying activities and characters that qualify as bullying. It means that they should have some form of awareness campaigns that sensitize them on the bullying means. It would encourage them to be in the frontline against the negative behavior which in turn will make them report any case. Awareness gives each student the power to know that they should seek help and avoid manipulations and threats from the bullies.  On the other hand, the programs should also accommodate the offenders who take part in bullying the others. They may have an underlying problem which makes them behave in the way they do. for instance, they may have self-esteem issues of have a problem at home where they face some form of abuse (Feder 28). Bullying the others would be a way through which they let go of the pent up negative energy. Zero tolerance of the bullying activities ensures that every stakeholder in eth school should be in the front line to fight against the negative norm.

Another solution that schools can undertake is the intervention by external law makers when the cases are repeated and they have ran out of options. They may opt to take the bullying students in the juvenile courts when they can no longer solve their problems. Improving the school climate will help reduce the instances within which the bullying students undertake their negative behavior. They can also have a suggestion box that students can use to post down those who bully the others. Allowing them to do anonymously will give them the ability to remain in secret whiles the right actions towards reducing the cases taken by the management. 

In conclusion, the long term solution to the bullying problem lies in the collective effort of the schools and the parents. Each has a role to play in shaping and changing the vice happening in schools. They should work together so that they can find the solutions while at the same time create a conducive environment through which they train the students to behave in the right way. Parents should support the management of the schools if notified that their children have the negative behavior (Rigby 67). One of the major setbacks happens when parents deny that their children could do such activities or defend their actions.

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