Steven Jobs – Term Paper

Nowadays , many books and research published to mark his extraordinary journey. So in our term paper will try to highlight some of his important sides of his leading life. In this project , we will go through many headline for example : Job’s Biography , main qualities , leadership style and leadership behaviors . Leadership v’ Meaning: In general, the concept of the leadership depends on the influence process to organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. And formal authority is not an essential for leaders. Many studies shows that leaders have many shared characteristics, behaviors, values and vision.

There are different theories about their attitudes, styles and behaviors. V’ Reasons for being a Good Leader : Leading is not an easy job to do. Steve Jobs saved Apple from the verge of bankruptcy, created NeXT and Paxar. After co-founding Apple, the company had an internal power struggle which sought the leave of Steve Jobs. Jobs did not Stop there; he created NeXT, a Computer platform company. The company had a successful career that Apple, the company that sidelined Jobs, sued him for taking advantage for his role as a co-founder of the Apple and later on bought the company and appointed Jobs as a CEO.

Stopping was not an option for Steve Jobs. One of his creations was Paxar Company. Jobs have bought the company from Lucas Film after it was considered a lost cause, later on creating some of the highest and top rated animated movies like Toy Story, Cars, Finding Memo and many others. The company was sold in 2006 to Walt Disney for over 7 billion dollars with shares for Jobs in Walt Disney Company and a seat on the board of directors table. One of his major steps was getting back to Apple, the company he co- founded.

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Jobs saved Apple from bankruptcy and made it the most valuable company in the history’, with value of almost 700 billion dollars. On his way of achieving that he revolutionized seven industries which are digital publishing, phones, animated movies, personal computing, music, tablet computing and retail stores. Steve Jobs created dreams that were farfetched by others. He made the actual smart phone and created the industry for the tablet computers. Everyone else were one Step behind his great inventions.

He made sure that Apple users get the best out of all their products. Leading a tight ship through the rough seas from getting kicked out of the company he worked so hard to make to creating a new platform and getting sued by his won company, reaching to saving Apple from bankruptcy and creating the world greatest products. He is considered one of the great leaders of the world due to the fact that he led companies that were struggling to the safe shores and high profitability. None of the companies that Steve Jobs have created is at a loss even after his death.

These companies takes the strength of what he innovated and take the focus that he applied to his decisions to make sure that they sustain it for the long term. X/ Biography And Historical Analysis Born in San Francisco, a college dropout and the creator of the new era of technology and the I products. Steve Jobs was a leader that created gold out of everything he touched. Starting from the beginning of Apple to his role in the foundation of NeXT to his futuristic view of Paxar and finally to coming back to Apple. After he was born his psychological parents had to give him for adoption.

The Jobs family has adopted Steve and paid all their life saving so Steve could go to the university. However, Steve dropped out of the university and took calligraphy classes which eventually helped him later on to create the multi typefaces for the Mac. His travel to India made him more spiritual and he started practicing Zen Buddhism. His practices made him more focused on his goals and it helped him throughout his life. Later on with his friend Steve Woozier, he created Apple out of his parent’s garage, which he later on got sidelined from and decided to leave.

Steve stated to Apple that he is going to start a new programming and hardware company following his dreams. After the new company, NeXT, have created hardware cheap enough for students and wet labs, Apple sued Steve for insider information due to the nature of his position as a co-owner of Apple. With Paxar spinning off and becoming a lost cause for Lucas Film, Steve Jobs decided to buy in Paxar and reared one of top hit animation movies of all time. Steve invested in Paxar and paid 50 million dollars to buy almost all the shares of Paxar and became a major stakeholder in Paxar.

Following Pixie’s success, Walt Disney bought Paxar from Steve Jobs for over 7 billion dollars and made him the biggest stakeholder in the Walt Disney Company with 7% shares and a member of the board of directors. However when Apple needed a savior, Steve Jobs was there for the rescue. Apple have bought NeXT Inc. From Steve Jobs and appointed him an interim CEO which gave him a lot of power back in Apple. Stave’s job was to reset Apple on the right way. After assuming the position Steve made sure that Apple stop’s producing so many different products.

But to focus its efforts in producing four high quality products, which worked out well for Apple. Later on he created the Pod and Tunes which were the first products of Apple. Followed by the Phone and the Pad, Apple I products have generated a lot Of return to the company. And made sure the company has established the era of smart gadgets. After his health issues have changed to the worse, Steve Jobs have stepped down as a CEO of Apple which affected the shares of Apple and in turns affected the shares of The Walt

Disney Company since he was serving as a director there. Him stepping down meant that he created a team strong enough that he wasn’t worried about the success and continuity of Apple The effect of Jobs was so immense for Apple, he was the one who co-created the tech giant and the one who brought it back to life after it was derailed for several years since his departure from Apple. Whatever Steve Jobs touches surly turns into gold. His history and his ideas that looked beyond the barrier of time made him not just a leader, but a creator of the new era of smart gadgets.

While making ere his tech company that started in his parent’s garage has sustained enough power to become the biggest. Steve Jobs will be considered one of the greats for his ideas and innovative solutions in business, technology or team management. Analyzing all these events that have passed through the life of Steve Jobs is one way of showing how the events in his life affected him to become who he is. The major events from dropping out of the university which led to him getting interested in calligraphy.

The creation of Apple and then resigning which led to the creation Of two great companies (NeXT, Paxar), which made the Jobs name as a great innovator and a great leader. He managed to lead the companies that he created to safe shores. The legacy of Steve Jobs the leader, that faced the wrath of his own company suing him for insider information because he became better than them. We can certainly see that with every obstacle that he faced, he managed to go through it with more innovation and persistence.

His determination to create something great has never changed throughout the years of his work. He always made sure that the products going out of the production line were great. He focused on a target and made sure that this target was met. While he made sure that he is not scattered all over the board with no idea of where to go next. V’ Job’s Qualities : Steve Jobs qualities were countless, an innovator, a businessman, a creator, an entrepreneur and many more. He had all the attention for details and made sure that he sees where he wants to be in the future and focuses on that goal.

Before his death the soon to become a CEO of Google at the time “Larry Page” have visited Steve at his home. One of Stave’s advices to him was that to focus on certain products so he makes great products, not good enough products. Later on when he assumed power in Google, Larry Page allowed Stave’s advice and asked his employees to focus on Google+ and Android so they could provide great products. * Reed College : Dropping out of college and taking creative calligraphy classes was one way of getting closer to what he wanted to do.

If not for his calligraphy classes the Mac wouldn’t have the multiple typefaces or font spaces. * Resigning from Apple : After a power struggle in Apple, Steve Jobs decided to resign from his duties at Apple. At the last boardroom meeting before the departure of Jobs, the board of directors of Apple decided to stand with the CEO at the time John Scullery against Steve Jobs. Later on in 2005 Steve Jobs have stated in the Stanford university graduation that getting kicked out of Apple was the best thing that happened to him in his life.

He stated “I’m pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been fired from Apple. It was awful-tasting medicine, but I guess the patient needed it. L’. This led to the creation of NeXT and the acquiring of Paxar which were highly profitable projects and made the Jobs name as a businessman. * Coming back to Apple : When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, the company was producing a random array of products and computers. Following a review of all of Apple’s products he started a more focused approach for the products that the company should produce.

The four main area of focus were “Consumer, Pro, Portable and Desktop”. This meant limiting the number of Apple’s computers to four great products, therefore commissioning all other products to be cancelled. This approach has saved Apple a lot of wasted operating income on products which were considered good but not great. The great satisfaction in Stave’s job is to provide a great product and not something good enough. Buying Paxar : When Steve Jobs bought Paxar, the company was a lost case.

Later on the company was sold to Walt Disney for over 7 billion dollars and made him the biggest stakeholder in the Walt Disney Company and a member of the board of directors. The Steve Jobs effect in that process was his precession and attention to detail. After creating the hit movie Toy Story, Paxar have not stopped or thought twice, the company continued on its good stream by producing more movies which ended up becoming worth a ten thousand time more than its original value. * Breakthrough products : Steve Jobs has invested his time in making Apple the best technology company.