Student Life And Leadership Example – Term Paper

Student leadership

Student leadership is defined as the practice of leadership skills of one student to the other students either in college, high school or the university level. Leadership is a wide phenomenon and can be described as follows; Leadership is the process in which an individual makes influence to others with an aim to make an accomplishment of the set objectives which is directed to the organization and makes it more coherent and cohesive. Leadership can be defined as the quality that is possessed by an individual and that motivated other people to the completion of their set objectives and goals. A leader is an individual who has the ability to attract and motivate commitment of followers and in a certain way, influence and empowers them to achieve the set goals of an organization. Leadership is usually a dynamic process where one person in the group is not solely responsible for the output of the group but seeks commitment and collaboration of all the group members in order to achieve the goals set in a particular context.

According to this discussion, leadership is essential to the molding of a student’s career in the future. Most of the employers and job providers currently need someone who takes the initiative in training others to follow the organization’s goals. It is through the student leadership process that one gets the necessary experience and the skills to handle the various situations in the workplace.

Student leadership helps one to gain the following leadership skills which are required in organizations;

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Communication ; it’s only good communication in an organization that can lead to the completion of a task successfully. To obtain information, the leader must/should pay attention and listen carefully to all the members of the organization. Team members should also be given a chance to speak and express their views. While giving information, the leader should explain carefully as the team members listen carefully. 

Planning – planning is the most important aspect of leadership management when the leader explores in terms of; objectives and tasks, resources, brainstorming, and alternatives. It helps in the fast reaching of a decision and allows for review of the decision until the best one is made by all the members of the team.

Control of group performance – a team usually works better when all the group members are thinking and working towards the same direction, and for this to happen, someone must be leading the actions. Control is described as a function that members assigned to the leader for successful completion of a task. 

Understand needs – the leader should be capable of understanding all the characteristics and needs of each individual member of a group/team. This helps the team leader to view the team member as an individual and learn how he/she can do in order to help the individual to become better in his/her field, and hence this helps to form trust and confidence among the teammates. 


According to the discussion, these are the skills which a student leader obtains and must uphold when subjected to an organizational set up which is the career advancement.