SWOT Analysis – Term Paper

Environmental Assessment

The clinical laboratory is one of the best test and analysis centers in the country, and this is proven by the ISO 900 it was awarded. The award proves that the Laboratory is a center for excellence. The laboratory is client-centered, and it mainly focuses on quality and adequate healthcare to all its clients. Excellence has been its important driver since its institution. Moreover, teamwork and proper consultation have also been playing a role in the greater success that the company. Quality has made the clinic to scale greater heights in health care, and hence the environment assures excellent laboratory analysis delivery.

Organization Assessment

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In the Clinic Laboratory work ethics and brilliant skills are valued among employees of the organization. Staff member’s primary objective is to show commitment and dedication to the patients and make sure that quality laboratory results are delivered. The clinic also provides state of the art facilities that ensure service delivery is at optimum. The laboratory also embraces the use of technology an example is the integrated medical information. The integrated information system allows doctors and tested patients to get their test analysis through the user interface. The interface allows the patient to review their test analysis online; doctors can also use the data in treating patients. Use of physician governance guidelines also ensures that the organization staffs are well equipped and ready to offer quality healthcare at all cost.

Human Resource Assessment

The Laboratory staff works under one umbrella since they believe in the philosophy that states that possibilities arise when people work together. Working together is crucial since it not only benefits the patients but also fellow employees who can share skills and knowledge during the process (Berman, 2017). The skills gained do come in handy during future references of similar cases handled before. Employees training on emerging laboratory practice issues have also been a vital element that adds value to quality that is being delivered at the Clinic Laboratory (Career, 2017). The organization has also initiated an online system where workers can share knowledge and daily experiences to increase efficacy in healthcare delivery at the clinic Laboratory.

SWOT Analysis in Details


24 hour Operation

Increasing working hours has ensured that the lab captures data from the different economic population. America is a 24-hour economy country thus everyone will feel incorporated when the system works on a 24-hour basis.

Wider Laboratory Test

Unlike most hospital where laboratory test offered are specific, the lab offers wide laboratory test and analysis. Additionally, the laboratory has transport facility that can extract data from the intended health facility and use the data in analysis of results

Speed in Result Analysis and Delivery

Speed has been the main ingredient that has made the laboratory clinic successful since its institution. Laboratory staffs are trained to deliver the real time analysis laboratory result to save patients time and lives.

Innovation through Research

The Clinic Laboratory has continually supported research and enhanced education activities among its staff. Such action has lead to immense discoveries on new methods of treatments and prevention mechanism (Berman, 2017). Such innovations have significantly contributed to quality delivery at the clinic Laboratory Healthcare Facility.

Quality Delivery

The Clinic facility always gives quality healthcare delivery a priority thus enhancing patients experience in the healing process. Quality delivery has lead to reduced mortality rate, proper diagnosis, reduced surgical infections due to the practice of evidence-based laboratory analysis. Additionally, the clinic has ensured laboratory test, and results are based on human dignity and respect.


All staff members at the facility are encouraged to closely with one another when delivering laboratory service.

Integrated Medical Information

The clinic has an integrated medical system which provides and interface that allows patients and doctors to review and use the lab test data. The system has all lab test data thus doctors can go through the information and work together in delivering services to registered clients to ensure quality is delivered.


Weaknesses are areas that still experiences some limitations thus needs improvement in due time. The laboratory facility still average below 12 as indicated in the regional average report. Additionally, there is no consistency in quality delivery due to some minor cases lab analysis. The information system in the laboratory is also outdated thus slowing the analysis of lab test and result in delivery time. Finally, the organization needs to incorporate diversity synergy because it handles people from different cultural background. If the diversity synergy is no incorporated conflict might arise in the facility and conflict can tamper with quality health delivery (Career, 2017). The slow pace at which some employees are adapting to the new ideas and knowledge imparted is also a major weakness in the organization concerning quality healthcare delivery and excellence.


Since the organization has already embarked on research approach in combating sickness, the management should try to put more research work into practice. Management needs to focus on disseminating research work and putting them into practice; such actions will lead to new treatment methods and diagnosis (Career, 2017). The methods will enhance quality healthcare delivery in the facility which is the core value in Clinic laboratory. Secondly, the organization should try to affiliate with other healthcare facilities in sharing knowledge and experiences in healthcare delivery. Such affiliation can create a space for the facility to expand its horizon in the country. Increasing and incorporating new test ideas is also an area that the laboratory intends to invest on for instance gen-based tests. The organization also offers an attractive employment package the constantly attracts new employees to stream in with energy and ambitions. The positive working environment at the facility is also an added advantage for growth in knowledge and skills and also the rapid healing of treated patients.


Criticism from the competitors is the greatest threat facing the facility; most competitors do focus the plants research practices and innovation. Additionally, the hospital has less highly qualified medical practitioners who are mostly attracted to big cities. Employing more staff members is also a threat to the financial economy of the organization thus the organization tends to keep a sustainable number of employees (Career, 2017). The laboratory will try to convince hospital and other laboratory facilities to partner so as to deliver quality and reliable results in laboratory care services.


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