Term Paper about Addiction

Term Paper:

Addiction is the certain need of the definite action. In the narrow meaning addiction is the psychological desire or attraction to something what causes risk to the human psychological health, personal and social problems. The term is often associated with drugs, alcohol, etc but can be also used to describe such problems as wasting too much time in the Internet, shopaholic problem, psychological overeating, fanatic attitude towards something, problem gambling, etc.

From the opposite side addiction is the way of adaptation towards the difficult circumstances of life.

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The most common addictive agents are cigarettes, alcohol and drugs which make the human being relaxed creating the favourable atmosphere. Unfortunately, these agents bring only the short-term happiness and relax, because very soon the influence of the agents disappears and the person requires another portion of the agents. Nowadays, the problem of addiction is one of the most widespread and complicated problems in the world.

From the medical point of view addiction is the process of the constant taking of certain addictive agent, its gradual toleration and adaptation. The adaptation is closely connected with the physiological and psychological factors, because the human being feels physiological and psychological need of the agent. Because of the growing number of the cases related with addiction, more and more people require professional help with this problem. Today there are many hospitals and other institutions which offer their psychological and medical service aimed at the profound defeat of the problem of addiction of all kinds: form the Internet addiction to such serious cases as drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a serious problem of the modern society. The student has a chance to research the problem deeper and understand what the reasons and effects of addiction are and how it can be defeated. A successful term paper has to inform the professor about the meaning of addiction, its types, pathological cases, psychological and physiological sides of addiction, etc. The student has to prepare a complete presentation of the problem and his duty is to describe the issue from all sides and illustrate a few examples of addiction of different kinds. In the end, it is important to summarize the paper professionally and evaluate the relevance and seriousness of addiction for the modern society.

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