Physiological Psychology Term Paper

Paper on Physiological Psychology:

Physiological psychology is the discipline which dwells on the cooperation and interconnection of the human organism and the human behaviour. The experts on physiological psychology study the human brain and think how it causes this or that type of behaviour or the reaction of the organism to the irritant form the outer environment. Psychologists have learnt about the interrelation of the human psychics and body a lot and they focus on such most important issues as sleep, emotions and behaviour. First of all it is possible to speak about the human emotions which most often depend on the condition of the organism. For example, if the human being is afraid of something his eyes react towards this emotion rapidly (the apple of the eye becomes little). Then, if one experiences stress and anxiety, the organism reacts and reveals this emotion with the help of sweating and rapid heart beating.

Next, such states of the human emotions as happiness and unhappiness provoke the production of different hormones which activate different processes in the human body. The human behaviour depends on the human emotions and psychological states. For example, if the person is stressed, her gestures become chaotic and frequent, so it is possible to see some people who experience stress “dancing” on their place. The problem of sleep is also quite an interesting one, because the sleeping person experiences a great number of various processes in her organism. For example, the blood pressure reduces, he heart beating becomes less frequent and there are cases or phases of sleep which make the human eyes rolling and the limbs moving without the knowledge of the sleeping person.

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Physiological psychology is the complex discipline which focuses on the involvement of the knowledge of physiology into the field of psychology. It is obvious that the student is able to prepare a well-structured and well-formatted term paper which will be accepted by the professor and he should dwell on the history of physiological psychology, its methodology and its brightest representatives of the study. The student has the opportunity to provide the professor with the definite examples of the demonstration of the peculiarities of psychology and its influence of the human body. One can illustrate the relevance of the matter and demonstrate the practical apply of physiological psychology.

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