Term Paper on Managerial Psychology

Psychology Term Paper:

Managerial psychology is the discipline which is aimed at the study of the peculiarities of management from the point of view of psychology.

Naturally, every manager or the leader of the team of employees has to possess profound knowledge on the human psychology and the peculiarities of communication and resolution of the existing conflicts. The manager is the person who is responsible for the effectiveness of the department of the group of employees who are united with the single type of work and with the single goal. The manager has to possess developed communicational skills and knowledge about the human behaviour, its cause and effect, the human emotions, the issues on employee encouragement, job satisfaction, etc. The success of a manager depends on his knowledge about the job motivation of every employee, because if the leader is aware about techniques of the encouragement of the employee, he will improve the employee’s performance.

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Then, the manager influences the time and schedule of production and sets the goals and priorities in the efficient way. Finally, the task of the manager is to resolve conflicts in order to make the employee’s work more productive as every conflict is associated with stress and reduction of the employee’s performance. Moreover, the conflicts also spoil the quality of the work, because the quarrelling employees spoil the results of one another in order to put one another in the bad light.

Obviously, management can not exist without psychology, because the leader’s duty is to organize the process of work well and to motivate employees and resolve their conflicts.

Managerial psychology is the discipline which involves knowledge on psychology in the field of management. The student can prepare a successful term paper if he dwells on the elements of managerial psychology and observes the issue about the tasks, strong and weak sides of the discipline, its relevance and effectiveness. One is able to demonstrate the peculiarities of managerial psychology on the definite example from the real life. The student should illustrate in what way psychology is connected with management and how important is the knowledge about the human behaviour, temperament and emotions for the effectiveness of employees and their job satisfaction.

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