Term Paper about CNS (Central nervous system)

CNS or known as Central Nervous System which consists of the brain and spinal cord. Brain is functioning as for conscious (walking) and unconscious activities such as breathing. While spinal cord functioning as to coordinate body’s movement and sensation. It is called “central” due to its function as to integrates all the information from the entire body and coordinates all the activity of the body. The CNS are consists of white and gray matter. Majority of inner area is covered by white matter which mostly consists of axons and oligodendrocytes (glial cells) that function to create myelin sheath that use to protect and coat the nerve cells while the outer cortex is covered by gray matter that contain predominantly of neurons. The brain is known as the most complex organ in human body due to containing an estimated 15-33 billion neurons and for that capability, the brain can control module of body and coordinate multiple of tasks from secretion of hormones until creation of memories. Brain roughly can be divided into four lobes which are temporal lobe, frontal lobe, occipital lobe and parietal lobe which every lobe have their own functions. For an example, occipital lobe is functioning as to process any visual information and it relate to our eyes (visual cortex) and damage of this lobe can cause blindness.

CNS disease can be happen if the CNS are malfunction for a number of reasons. One of the major causes of disorders that can affect CNS greatly is Trauma. Trauma is any significant injury to the brain or spinal cord that can cause negative health consequences such as epilepsy, mood disorder, seizures and others. This can be relate more to Trigger 1 that stated the woman had been diagnosed to have traumatic injury brain due to impact of hit by the truck. Traumatic injury brain is occur when an external mechanical force causes brain dysfunction. Effect from that accident, the woman got epilepsy stemming from the trauma and worsened her seizures until been prescribed with medication such as painkillers, anti-seizures pills and anti-depressant. Some of the symptoms such as depression (cognitive or mental symptoms) or seizures which is one of the moderate or severe physical symptoms that the woman had which can relate to brain injury when there is forces cause damage to certain part of CNS. Preventing head trauma is the key to the prevention of the post-traumatic epilepsy. The preventive use of anti-epileptic drugs can decrease the risk of early post-traumatic seizures, but may not prevent late seizures. But there are also natural healer used in this case which is cannabis extract to substitute with medicine given by hospital in order to prevent any other after effect symptoms.


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