Term Paper about Dyslexia

Term Paper:

Dyslexia is the disorder of the ability to master the skills of reading. It is interesting that the general ability to study remains. There are two approaches to the explanation of the term ‘dyslexia’. The first one is connected with pedagogy and speech-language pathology and means the disorder of the process of reading which depends on the disorder of the higher neurological functions which repeat constantly. The second approach is called psychological. According to this approach dyslexia is the condition during which a patient can not master the skill of reading but he possesses the normal intellectual abilities for it. A patient has troubles with the composition of the letters into the one unit or the word and very often he does not understand the sense of the text he is reading. In the basis of dyslexia lie the disorders of the neurological processes which serve for the function of reading.

Dyslexia generally differs from the other factors which prevent the person from reading, like mental retardation and the disorders of hearing and eyesight. The term dyslexia also means the group of children who have problems with reading and writing; they read slowly and with the great number of mistakes. On the other hand, they are often good at mathematics, physics, sport, art and music. In the basis of dyslexia lie the neurobiological reasons, that is the poor development of the certain parts of brains which serve for the mastering of orthographical and reading skills.

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Dyslexia is quite a big problem which affects the life of people negatively depriving them of the advantages of reading. A student who is interested in the problem of the disorder can choose this topic for term paper writing and research it in detail. A successful dyslexia term paper should be interesting, contain high-quality reliable content and possess a logical structure. One will have to devote much to collect information on the topic and explain the cause and effect of dyslexia. It is important to understand the process from all sides and study its effect on the human life in all spheres of her activity. Moreover, a student is expected to present a few effective methods which can help people suffering from dyslexia develop their reading skills.

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