Term Paper on Beximco Pharma

Pharma Term Paper:

Beximco Pharma is the largest and most developed pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. The company as founded in 1976 and very soon it became profitable and raised the rates of its production. Evidently, pharmaceutical business is the most profitable business related with medicine, because the number of the people with need medical care never reduces, so the success of such companies is natural. It produces medicine under the licence of the greatest pharmaceutical companies of the USA and Germany, no wonder, the quality of the medicine is high. Today Beximo Pharma is considered to be the greatest company in the country and more than 10% of the population of Bangladesh use its medicine.

The company has a great plant, its own research laboratories and the latest equipment and machinery, which helps it produce high-quality medicine in big quantities. Moreover, the company is trying to create the medicine for the most complicated diseases which are still can not be cured, for example, AIDS and certain forms of cancer. Its experts have already managed to make the medicine which reduces the negative impact of these diseases on the human body. Beximco Pharma produces and sells drugs not only for Bangladesh, but for the whole world, because the medicine produced in this part of the world have been always valued and trusted.

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It is interesting and important to improve one’s knowledge about pharmaceutical business and the development of the companies related with this sphere. Is a student wants to prepare a good Beximco Pharma term paper; he will need to read much and spend enough time to collect data for the research. One should research the history of the company and investigate the connection of Beximco Pharma to the other pharmaceutical corporations of the world. Moreover, it is interesting to explore the working conditions on the plant, weigh its facilities, value the quality and the price of the drugs to compare with the other companies in this sphere. A student should summarize the paper professionally and explain how the company managed to develop to such heights and make predictions towards its future.

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