Term Paper on Cloud Computing

Computing Term Paper:

Cloud computing is the model of the public quick network access per demand to the common pool which offers the resources, like communication networks, servers, software and all sorts of services. During the usage of cloud computing the client receives the whole computer software in the form of the Internet service. The user has the access to his data but does not have to care about the infrastructure, operation system and software he works with. The term ‘cloud’ very often means the Internet with its hidden technical details. So, cloud computing is a paradigm in the boarders of which the information is being constantly saved in PCs, laptops, smart phones, etc.

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is the low price for the high-quality service. People do not have to spend money and develop their own infrastructure, because they can rent the space and the power of the Internet. Another plus is the easy access, because a client can reach his disc with his data from any part of the world from any computer facility at a moment’s notice.

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Cloud computing has opened new opportunities to the young businessmen who do not have enough money to develop their own infrastructure and create powerful data-centers for the company, but can use the Internet or the cloud and use the ready-made service there which possesses much space and high speed of data transmission.

Cloud computing is an extremely important service which makes people’s life easier and more convenient. For example, nearly everyone takes advantage of the email service, where the information is kept on the servers and the client gets access to it through his PC, lap top or smart phone. A well-organized cloud computing term paper should be informative, interesting and logical. A student should take advantage of the exclusively up-to-date information for the analysis of the topic. One should explain the term ‘cloud computing’ and define its main components and principle of its work. Students should prove that cloud computing is an important service nowadays and its popularity and power will probably grow very rapidly. One is supposed to research the problem from all sides, distinguish the pluses and minuses of cloud computing and summarize the paper sensibly.

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