Term Paper on Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis Term Paper:

Dream analysis is a process that is characterized with the attempts to assign sensible meaning to human dreams. Dreams have always been interesting to people and they have been trying to explain their meaning objectively. In ancient civilizations people believed that dreams connected them with gods. If you saw a dream, it meant that spirits or gods decided to inform you about something important. A dream played the role of a hint. In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and Muslim culture there were special priests who analyzed dreams and explained them to others. Ancient kings also played much attention to their own dreams and they did not make any important decisions if they had a bad dream. They believed that a bad dream was a bad sign, so it was useless to make certain decisions. In the course of time people has decided to analyze dreams from the scientific point of view. Many psychologists observed this issue from their own side.

Z. Freud, C. Jung and others devoted much time to investigate the nature of human dreams. On the one hand, dreaming is a brain activity. On the other hand, psychologists tried to explain why people “see” different dreams in different times.

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According to Freud’s theory, human dreams are closely connected with human subconscious. When one has any obsessive ideas, complicated problems, fears and phobias, it is possible that his dreams will contain things like that. Dream analysis was very popular in the process of psychoanalysis, because experts of that time used dream interpretation to solve human psychological problems. They looked for the answer in a patient’s dream.

Dream analysis is an important topic for research, because one is able to observe this subject from the point of view of numerous disciplines – history, geography, religion, psychology, philosophy, biology, etc. You should start your investigation with the detailed explanation of the meaning of a dream, dream analysis and other important terms that have connections with this issue. Then, you ought to observe the history of dream analysis in order to see human attitude towards dreams in the course of time. Moreover, you need to compare different countries and cultures and their attitude towards dream analysis. Finally, you should mention famous psychologists who researched this topic in the past.

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