Term Paper on Enterprise Resource Planning

Resource Planning Term Paper:

Enterprise resource planning is the organizational strategy of integration of production and operations, human resource management, financial management, the control over the actives aimed at the constant balancing and optimization of the work of the company with the help of the integrated software suite which maintains the model of data and the processes of its activity.

Enterprise resource planning is the definite software suite which is designed for the direct solutions of the organizational problems. The concept of Enterprise Resource Planning was created in 1990 when several experts decided to work out a few projects which would help the great corporations manage their actives, finance and human resources. It is obvious that every company wants to control all the stages of its work on the appropriate level and ERP is the alternative software suite which can help it to manage every essential process.

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Naturally, the development of ERP is closely connected with the development of the computer technologies and various kinds of software which enables to automate and systematize numerous processes in the logical way. The most famous designers and manufacturers of ERP are Sage Group and Microsoft. These companies started to produce software suites not only for the big business, but for the business of the medium and small size, what made them extremely popular, as every type of business requires strict and effective organization. ERP provides businessmen control such fields as accounting, logistics, marketing and other sectors of the company’s work.

Enterprise resource planning is the widely used strategy of the improvement of the control over the most important processes of the company and if the student wants to become an expert in this sphere, he should be aware about the structure, functions, types and components of enterprise resource planning software suite. In order to succeed in term paper writing, the student is expected to research the problem of enterprise resource planning from all sides and dwell on its major principles. It is important to find the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy and support the idea with the reliable evidence and arguments found in the trustworthy sources. The student has to evaluate the role of ERP for the modern business and predict its further improvement.

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