Term Paper on Grid Computing

Computing Term Paper:

Grid computing is the form of the distributed computing, where the ‘virtual supercomputer’ is represented by clusters connected by the network of the separate heterogenic computers, which work together to cope with the enormous number of tasks. This technology is used for the solution of various mathematical problems which require great computing resources. Moreover, grid computing is applied in commercial infrastructure for the solution of the difficult tasks, like economic predicting, seismic analysis, research and creation of the new types of medicine.

From the point of view of network organization grid computing is the well-balanced, standardized and open sphere which ensures flexible, safe and coordinated distribution of the computing resources and resources of storage of information, which are the part of this sphere in the frame of the single virtual organization.

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Grid computing is a geographically distributed infrastructure, which connects computer resources of various types and it is possible to gain access to the system from any point of the world regardless of where it is located. The idea of the development of grid computing appeared with the development of the Internet and local networks, because it has become possible to involve the opportunities of other computers for the solution of the difficult common tasks. Since the 1990-ies the sphere of grid computing has been developing actively and its numerous advantages are evident. For example, it is obvious that the use of grid computing for the solution of various complicated problems is more effective than the use of supercomputers, because the latter are expensive and less flexible, as it is easier to improve a separate computer which is a part of the system than to improve the whole supercomputer.

Grid computing is an effective form of computing which is used in numerous spheres of human life, so a student can pay attention to this problem and prepare a grid computing term paper demonstrating the topic from all sides. The student should explain the concept of grid computing, the nature and aspects of the process, the structure of the system, its advantages and disadvantages and conclude the paper professionally evaluating the importance of grid computing for the modern science.

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