Term Paper on Harriet Tubman

Tubman Term Paper:

Harriet Tubman is the heroine of African-American people and one of the most outstanding personalities who struggled against slavery in the USA. Harriet Tubman was born in the family of a slave in 1820. At the age of thirteen the girl was seriously injured by a slave owner who demanded her to help him beat his slave who tried to escape. The girl refused to do it and was hit into the head. Harriet spent long months curing the injury and she could lose her life but survived.

This accident inspired Harriet Turban and made her a religious person. She started seeing visions and became absorbed into the Bible. At the age of 24 she got married and wanted to persuade her husband in the necessity of the escape to the Northern states, but he refused being afraid of capture, so she escaped without him. At the age of 30 Harriet Turban was known as Moses of African-Americans for her skill to release people from slavery. She organized more than 19 journeys to the South states and saved more than 300 slaves.

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The motto of Harriet Tubman sounded like “death or liberty”, as she believed that a human being requires only freedom and the life is worth nothing when one is enslaved. During the Civil War Harriet Tubman was a nurse in the Northern army and even took the active part in the scout operations. In 1863 she was the member of the group of people who helped 750 slaves to escape.

After the war she continued her activity as the struggler for the rights of African-Americans and women’s rights.

Harriet Tubman is an outstanding personality of the US, who proved that even a little woman is able to change the life for the better and save so many lives. A term paper based on the activity of Harriet Tubman is a challenge for students, because they have to study the biography of the personality, read vast sources about her and evaluate her life and work objectively.

The student is asked to make a logical term paper which would touch upon the brief biographical facts connected with the activity of the heroine, her worldviews, religious views and contribution into the defeat of the problem of slavery in the US.

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