Term Paper on Homeland Security

Security Term Paper:

Homeland Security is the policy which is aimed at the improvement of the security of the USA and protection from the threat of various sorts. It is known that in 2001 the US suffered from the ruining attacks of the terrorists and the security of the country demonstrated its vulnerability towards the rapid and spontaneous threat of the terrorists. Evidently, the threat of terrorism exists all over the world and the global community should combine efforts and cope with this problem once for all.

So, the US understood that its security requires total improvement and the previous President George Bush ordered to create a brand new institution which would include dozens of branches which will cooperate for the single aim – protection of the country from the unpredictable attacks of different kind. The Department of Homeland Security was established to control all the security departments of the country and to keep in the constant touch with them.

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According to the facts of the 2009 more than 225 thousand of experts were involved in the work of the department and it is obvious that such a high quantity of professionals can cover all the spheres of the activity of the society and protect it appropriately. The Department of Homeland Security consists of a great number of agencies and divisions which work in the different spheres of the human activity: coast guards, immigration services, emergency services, transportation security, communication systems, secret services, innovation, chemical, geophysical and biological divisions, etc.

Homeland Security is supposed to provide the protection of the US on all levels, but like any system it has its disadvantages and there are numerous critics which hesitate in the effectiveness of the policy. A successful Homeland Security term paper should explain the purpose of the policy, the major elements, advantages and disadvantages, structure and the area of its activity. The student should research the problem from all sides and dwell on the most important points which are worth investigation. One is supposed to evaluate the importance and effectiveness of Homeland Security and provide the direct facts concerning its failure and success. In the end, the student can evaluate the policy and draw the right conclusions proving that the Homeland Security is worth the money spent on.

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