Term Paper on Homelessness

Term Paper:

Homelessness is the phenomenon which is characterized with the fact that the person does not have a regular dwelling, lives in the inappropriate place or in the homeless shelter at night. The problem of homelessness is quite important and serious, because homeless people live in the unfavourable conditions and always have the risk for their health and life. It is obvious that there are many factors which make people homeless. First of all it is the financial problem. The individual who does not have money for paying taxes has to sell his home and leave homeless. The financial background is closely connected with unemployment, because the most frequent case of homelessness are related with the loss of job and resources and money. Then, there is the psychological problem, which occurs because of crisis, unemployment, loss of the family, love, friends, etc. The person loses her will and becomes weak losing everything, even the ambition and will for life.

Next, the problem of homelessness is often caused by the negative and harmful habits of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. The individual loses his identity and personality under the effect of the harmful substances and wastes the money on alcohol and drugs. Finally, the person can become homeless because of imprisonment. If he does not have relatives who can take care about the apartment, it can become occupied by other people. Homelessness affects the human personality and health negatively. Most of the homeless do not have friends, their moral values are poor, they do not have the aim in life, they simply exist and the majority of them are alcohol and drug addicts and very often are involved in crime.

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Homelessness is the problem which has to be solved in the right way. People who have lost their home should be provided with the chance to live in the homeless shelters, especially when the weather conditions are unfavourable. The student has to study the issue in the right way, if he wants to succeed in term paper writing. it is important to learn about the cause of homelessness, the impact of this phenomenon on the personality and about the possible methods which can solve the problem well. One is supposed to summarize the issue professionally and observe homelessness from the geographical, psychological, political and economic point of view.

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