Term Paper on K12

Term Paper:

K12 in education is the special system of education in the USA, Canada and Australia which is characterized with twelve years of studying at school. At first the child goes to kindergarten from the age of 4 to 6 and then enters the elementary school and spends there six years.

The following 4 years are dedicated to high school and the additional two years are called middle-high. The system of education is quite a complicated issue for the research, because every country tries to invent its own useful and effective system which would satisfy the needs of children and the human society. The US K12 system of education is aimed at the development of the child’s skills from the yearly years of life, so when a 4-year-old child goes to kindergarten, he is supposed to play all the time and at the same time develop such basic skills as speaking, development of imagination, etc.

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Elementary school is supposed to teach students the most basic skills like reading, writing and arithmetic and the basics of other sciences. High school lasts for the students of the age of 17 – 19 years and provides them with the knowledge on humanities and sciences. Teachers to do demand excellent knowledge of the material, but require students to cover the basic standards suggested by the ministry of education and the educational institution. K12 presupposes the preparatory classes for the students who plan to enter colleges and universities. These classes are dedicated to the optional subjects, which meet students’ interests and influence the choice of the college or university.

K12 is the well-known standard of education which embraces twelve years of studying. The student has to prepare a quality term paper which would describe the issue on K12 from all sides demonstrating the history of the creation of the system and the factors which has influenced this decision. The young professional is able to study the issue in detail and observe the differences and similarities between the standard of K12 in the USA and other countries. Finally, it is important to evaluate the problem objectively and dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of the K12 standard for the quality of education.

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