Term Paper on Marketing Mix

Mix Term Paper:

Marketing mix is the policy which determines the position of the company’s goods and services on the market. It is obvious that in order to achieve success in marketing, one should be aware of all the aspects and methods of the process. The key factors which play the essential role in marketing mix are the quality of the product, its price, the place where it is sold and promotion or advertising.

These key elements are the most important if the company expects to gain high profit and remain successful. First of all the product should be of high quality and be popular and required by consumers. Then, the price of the product should be adequate and reasonable; otherwise it will be very difficult to sell it, as people always try to save money.

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On the other hand many people live according to the principle ‘the more expensive, the better’, believing that expensive things are of higher quality and will serve longer. The place is also very important for the prosperous business, because when your store is located on the suburbs of the city, you will never have enough customers as they will deny travelling much to the shop. The best places are the financial and trade areas, shopping centers of big cities. The only way out for small companies which can not afford a store in the center is the online marketing. The last element of the system of marketing mix is the successful advertising. Without proper advertisement you will never manage to attract many clients even if you produce top-quality cheap goods, because they will simply do not know about your existence.

Every young professional who wants to achieve success in business should be aware of the principles of marketing mix. A good term paper is a detailed research of the components and factors which influence the success of the company and presentation of brand new ideas which can improve the system of marketing mix considerably, because business is a dynamic process which develops all the time. One is expected to read reliable information about marketing mix in textbooks, periodicals and in the Internet in order to improve his knowledge on the question.

Students always have problems when writing a term paper on marketing and finance, because it is difficult to organize great number of thoughts logically. A free example term paper of marketing mix is a good solution to the problem, because with its help one will realize hot to compose the paper well and present the evidence correctly. It is reasonable to rely of the skills and knowledge of the professional writers and their free sample term papers on marketing mix which can make the writing process much easier and more effective.