Term Paper on Martin Luther King

Luther King Term Paper:

Martin Luther King is the most famous African-American Baptist clergyman and orator and activist for the rights of the African-Americans in the USA. King is supposed to be one of the icons of the Progressivism in the USA and one of the first strugglers for the human rights and the rights of the African-Americans who suffered from discrimination and abuse on the basis of their colour of skin.

Moreover, being a clergyman he protested against the colonial aggression of the USA in the war in Vietnam. Due to his considerable contribution into the development of the democratic society and protection of human rights Martin Luther King was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King gained his success due to his well-develop oratorical skills, no wonder his performances are considered to be the classics of oratorical art.

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He tried to make the world better with the help of his speeches and wanted to achieve his aims with the peaceful ways. His speeches inspired millions of people to follow their dream in the creation of the ideal democratic society free of discrimination and abuse. The most famous speech of King is called ‘I have a dream’ and it can be called one the most effective speeches performed ever. Because of his views and speeches Luther King was assassinated in 1968 and this action caused severe protests all over the US. People understood that the system can not be changed in the peaceful way and thousands of people started to support the radical ways of protection their rights.

Martin Luther King is a famous personality known all over the world, so it is important to research the topic in detail and provide the professor with the high-quality analysis of the life and activity of King. A student should mention about the biographical points of the personality and focus on his political and social life and touch upon the contribution made by him for the development of the civil rights. A student is supposed to describe King from all sides and mention about his oratorical skills which inspired millions of people and analyze the cause and effect of his death for the country and the human society in the whole.

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