Term Paper on Production Operation Management

Operation Management Term Paper:

Production operation management is the complex of efforts taken to control the process of production of goods and services from the stage of the material supply to the stage of the complete product.

Production operation management is the essential process which maintains the quality of the production and on time manufacturing of the product.

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The process of production starts form the planning and designing of the future product, the selection of the materials, equipment, etc. Briefly, the process of production management touches upon the technical side of the question of manufacturing. Operation management is the more abstract issue which controls the transformation of the resources into production. The model of operation management is quite simple and can be described with the help of the five ‘P’.

The first P is plants or the number of organizations which produce goods and services; the second is parts or the products and services themselves; the third is planned control systems or the fulfilment of the control functions; the fourth is process or the projecting of the business processes; the fifth and the last one is people or the rational and adequate selection of the staff involved into the process of production.

The main functions of production and operation management are the improvement of the productiveness of the company; projecting of the goods and services; organization of the production of the goods and services; the creation of the graphs and terms of the material and resource supply; the wise distribution of tasks, duties and reasonable use of time.

Production operation management is the important and useful process which makes every company work plainly and successfully. It is obvious that every company requires total control on its all levels of work, so the management of production and operation is supposed to be the basis of its proper work and gradual development. Studying the topic of production operation management the student is able to improve his knowledge about these essential processes and explain their value in the term paper. The student should define the structure of production operation management, its functions, strong and weak sides and the probable perspectives of development.

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