Term Paper on Solid Waste Management

Waste Management Term Paper:

Solid waste management is the complex of the collection, transportation, recycling or utilization of wastes and the control over this process. Under the term of wastes we understand the solid results of the human activity. It is obvious that people produce too many wastes, which spoil and worsen the general view of the world around. Then, wastes not only spoilt the view of the natural environment but also influence the human health badly. For example, without the utilization of wastes our cities would become enormous sources of diseases, epidemics caused by the rotting food remnants and the hazardous industrial wastes. Due to the development of the process of solid waste management the humanity has got a chance to reduce the waste of the natural resources and recycle waste materials using them for the production of other things.

It is far cheaper to recycle the already existing material, that to spend time synthesizing it at the laboratory from a range of the expensive minerals. Naturally, the process of solid waste management is different in every country and its quality depends on the financial background of the country. The most common ways of waste management are the utilization of the wastes in the special places, which will not harm people around and the nature. The most frequently used places for utilization are the old mines and quarries which are not used any more. Nevertheless, people should be careful to organize the process of utilization professionally; otherwise the wastes can spoil the underground waters which can be the source of drinking water for the people of the surrounding villages and cities.

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The topic of solid waste management is very important, because the problem of pollution and littering is extremely urgent nowadays and people need quick and effective solutions to this problem. A successful solid waste management term paper should be informative, thought provoking and contain only up-to-date trustworthy data. One should research the problem of waste management in detail and analyze the all possible ways out of the problem. It is important to present the key points of the problem and describe the methods of waste management and weigh their advantages and disadvantages soberly.

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