Term Paper on Taxation

Term Paper:

Taxation is the process of the enforced by the government payment of money aimed to support the financial welfare of the country and its citizens. Taxation was introduced thousands years ago and the human civilization is mostly associated with money and taxation. With the creation of the first well-organized settlements, and the whole countries people have become required to pay taxes in order to support and provide the settlement with everything it needs and receive protection and ability to work there legally.

Now, taxation has the same functions, because people are asked to pay taxes to be able to work in safety, walk along the safe streets, drive on the good roads, receive medical care, get help of a policemen or fireman when something bad happens. The most important and useful taxation is met in the sphere of education. When parents want their children attend good school, they will have to pay taxes to provide schools with the required appliances needed for studying (computers, chalk, paint, food in the canteen, etc.). Then, taxes are imposed on people to support military services; without constant donation the army will not exist, the development of new weapon will be also impossible. Finally, taxes are imposed to provide people with energy (mostly electrical, as all appliances and technique works due to electricity nowadays). So, taxation is imposed nearly on everything what exists in the country and there were incidents in the human history when the kings imposed insane taxes on such things as air and sunshine and naturally it provoked strikes and rebellions.

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The country can not live without taxation, because every sphere of human activity is based on donations and support of the citizens. A well-composed term paper should be interesting, informative, present the description of the problem in detail. Students have to research the problem scrupulously in order to understand it well, realize the definition and the complete meaning and aim of taxation. One should devote much time to the research of the types of taxations, methods of taxation, its cause and effect, positive and negative sides. Students are required to think over the problem profoundly and brainstorm interesting ideas about it draw wise conclusions on it.

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